VLCC Mint Lip Shield Lip Lightening with SPF 10 Review

VLCC’s Description: This unique lip shield enriched with Mint, Lemon Oil and Vitamin E, helps visibly lighten lips colour. It effectively corrects the darkening of lips and keeps them smooth, moisturised and pink. SPF 10 protects from the harmful sunrays. 
My experience: On my last holiday to Goa, I somehow lost my Body Shop raspberry lip balm on the beach. I saw this lip balm at a chemist near our resort and was eager to try it out as I had never used a mint lip balm before. The SPF 10 and the Rs. 95 pricing were added bonus. 
As soon as you apply this lip balm, you get this amazing tingly and cooling sensation on the lips which lasts for 10-15 minutes. Lips are softened and hydrated as well as protected from the sun (which is needed, not just in Goa but in Mumbai as well). I kept re-applying this lip balm every few hours, not because I needed to, but simply because I loved the tingly feeling. Some people might not like it though. 
The balm itself is quite thick, waxy and well, balm-like but you just need a very little amount to hydrate your lips. Though it has a weird greenish colour, which might put you off from applying it, it goes on colourless on the lips and has no tint. The fragrance, being minty, is very fresh and invigorating. 
I have been using this lip balm daily since four months and as you can see in the picture, it is still almost full. However, four months of usage has not made any difference to the colour/pigmentation of my lips. They are still the same colour as before so I have my doubts about the lightening claims. Also, I usually prefer lip balms in tubes or sticks rather than jars coz I feel that it’s more hygienic. Also, I don’t like getting lip balm under my nails. 
But these are the only two cons of this product. The tingling sensation, the hydration and softening abilities, the SPF and the price, all make for a winning product. This is just my opinion. What’s yours?

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  1. is this product still available?

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