DIY – Make Your Own Air Cushion Foundation / Serum Foundation – Video

DIY Cushion Foundation

One of the best Korean beauty inventions is the “Cushion Foundation” – a sponge soaked with liquid foundation or BB cream and put into a compact case. It is very convenient and travel-friendly  and drastically reduces your “makeup time” especially when you’re on a holiday. However, these cushion foundations, or air cushion foundation as they […]

Chocoholics Rejoice…A Gentle, Nourishing, DIY Face and Body Chocolate Scrub.

Ok, so we had quite a disappointing chocolate scrub with big sugar crystals (albeit a nice fragrance). But don’t be disheartened Shringaristas, coz I have something better for you, something that is gentle enough to be used on your face a well as your body, something that is nourishing for the skin, something that you […]