Tutorial – How To Repair A Broken Eyeshadow

Last month, when I received the welcome kit from Sigma Beauty, the eyeshadow in it came broken. I was really upset but then I decided to check online how broken eyeshadows can be fixed and realised that it was ridiculously simple! So I decided to do this little basic tutorial for you incase any of you have any eyeshadow or compact that needs fixing….
Tutorial - How To Repair a broken eyeshadow

Things You Need

Tutorial - How To Repair A Broken Eyeshadow
To repair the broken eyeshadow (or compact as the case may be), all you need is rubbing alcohol (available at all chemists) and a stick with a flat end. I used a paintbrush. That’s it!

Step 1

Tutorial - How To Repair A Broken Eyeshadow
With the flat end of the stick/paintbrush, crush the eyeshadow pieces into as fine a powder as possible so that there are no “lumps” remaining.

Step 2

Tutorial - How To Repair A Broken Eyeshadow
Now add a few drops of the rubbing alcohol. Keep adding the drops till the eyeshadow becomes like thick sludge…….like this…….
Tutorial - How To Repair a broken eyeshadow
Yes, it looks super messy so all you do is take a Q-tip and clean up the edges and the eyeshadow dust from the lid. Some people also take a coin to make the top of the shadow totally pressed and flat. I tried doing that but it didn’t work for me. Perhaps I should have waited till the shadow was partially dry. Anyway, I just left it to dry after cleaning it up and after an hour, once the alcohol had evaporated, it was totally dry.

Final Result

Tutorial - How to repair a broken eyeshadow
Ok, I admit, this isn’t the neatest job ever and had the surface been flat and smooth, it would have looked nicer. But hey, just think of it as one of those textured eyeshadows. And as long as it’s all tightly packed in and easy to use without all the powder flying out, I’m ok.
What do you think of this tutorial? Super easy isn’t it? This eyeshadow is a beautiful duo-chrome colour with micro shimmer and it’s very difficult to capture the actual colour on camera.
Btw, if you liked this tutorial, you can check out another one I had posted on “How To Make Your Own Lip Butter” in the initial days of blogging. This was at the time when everyone was going gaga over the Revlon Lip Butters so I thought, why not make one myself? Do give me your feed back on this post as well as the lip butter one.

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  1. Really really helpful. Thank you so much for this . 😘😘😘😘

  2. Awesome DIY! It totally breaks my heart when my shadow breaks….This method really works to mend it back 🙂

  3. Great DIY. I did it the first time with my 120 palette. managed to soothe my broken heart :p

  4. It’s a lovely pewter duo-chrome. I’ve used it lightly in the look I did with the Sigma products in a previous post 🙂

  5. nice eye idea… wondering what exactly that eye shadow shade looks like!
    fotd due?

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