DIY Relaxing Body Scrub

From sandpaper to silk…that’s what my skin feels like after my ritual Sunday pampering body scrub. Depending on my mood, I add a fragrant element which is either relaxing, energizing or invigorating. 
My body scrub is really simple and needs very few ingredients, mostly from the kitchen itself (there are no fixed quantities, I just take approximate amounts)
* Rice Flour: A wonderful and really gentle exfoliator. 
* Sugar: This too is a great scrub. Try to make sure that the granules are not too big. If your skin is sensitive, you can skip the sugar. 
* Almond Oil: I added this oil coz the weather is slowly getting drier so I needed some extra moisture. Just one table spoon is enough though of course you can add more or less depending on the needs of your skin. Also, instead of almond oil, you can add olive oil or coconut oil too. 
* Liquid Neutrogena: You can add any cleanser you want to the scrub mix though it will hardly foam (the rice flour and sugar wont let it foam but it will surely cleanse your skin). The reason why I chose this is because it is a really mild facial cleanser and I use this scrub on my face too. Also it has a very mild fragrance which doesn’t affect the fragrance of my aromatherapy oil. I added around 5-6 pumps of this cleanser. 
(The reason I add cleanser to this mix instead of using it later to wash the scrub off is because I dont want the moisture from the oil to get washed off. )
* Breathe Aromatherapy Clary Sage and Lavender Bath Oil: I wanted a soothing, calming, relaxing aroma today and so I added this oil (my lavender essential oil got over so I used this one). I added a little over a tablespoon to mask the smell of the almond oil and Neutrogena and make sure that the lavender fragrance really came through. 
Well, just mix it all up adding water as needed to make a paste and use it as a body scrub. Leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off with warm water and feel the difference in your skin. Dry, flaky skin is replaced with soft, smooth skin. 
Seal in the moisture with a good hydrating moisturiser on damp skin and you’re good to go 🙂
Do try it out and let me know your experience…

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  1. Yea finally worked out the widget thing…lol…now to figure out how to take pretty eye makeup pics like urs Niesha 🙂

  2. Very nice post dear.:)
    i am gonna try it soon !!
    Its great that you have added the widget and now i can follow you .<3

  3. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    Hey dear..thanks for visting my blog..i ma ur newest in touch..hugs

  4. Hey Dollie! Gladly following you nw…Thnx fr dropping by my blog. This is such a budget friendly ritual…will surely give this a try 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruby 🙂 Le me know if it works for u.

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