Fateh Bagh Resort, Ranakpur – Review

What a hectic last week, travelling to Rajasthan for son’s Mundan (tonsure) followed by a short break at Fateh Bagh Resort in Ranakpur and then of course all the unpacking and laundry that totally sucks all the holiday fun and relaxation out of you 🙁 Add to that Diwali cleaning and well, doesn’t leave me with much time for blogging….
The first two days were spent in visiting our ancestral house and loads of temples followed by the tonsure. We had decided to take a little holiday at a nice resort not too far from the native village and so we decided on Fateh Bagh Resort, a boutique palace hotel. 

It is a cozy, 18 room (11 rooms, 7 suites) property that has been “relocated” to it’s current location. Rawla Koshilav, near Jodhpur, had nearly falling to ruins when, in 2002, around 65000 pieces were transported to a spot near Ranakpur  and the the palace was given it’s current avatar as Fateh Bagh.
All the rooms and suites in this property have different themes and names, like Badal Mahal, Diwali, Chand Suraj etc. We had booked two suites (one for us and the other for my parents-in-law) and were given Mayur Mahal (Peacock Palace) and Gajraj Mahal (Elephant Palace).
The theme was reflected inside the suite as well in things like peacock paintings on the wall, a diwan with metal elephant heads, an elephant lamp etc. Even the colours of the curtains and bed spreads were in keeping with the theme. 

Both the suites also had a lovely terrace with a big jacuzzi and a coffee table and chairs. As you can imagine, both boys went crazy splashing about for hours in the jacuzzi 🙂

The staff at the resort is so courteous and warm, they make you feel like royalty. 

We had such a wonderful time here, I’d love to come back again for another holiday…and hubby and kids feel the same way. 

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  1. Thanks…It is a beautiful place 🙂

  2. beautiful pictures 🙂

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