L’Occitane Pivoine Delicate Lip Balm Review

The Pivoine Delicate Pourpre Emovante Lip Balm leaves lips subtly tinted in an iridescent plum colour for a beautiful, feminine look. Packaged in a pretty round tin with a floral design, and perfectly sized to keep in your handbag, this lip balm is applied to the lips with a finger. 
I was immediately tempted by this pretty little pot and the pretty colour and the delicate fragrance of this lip balm. Being an ardent L’Occitane lover, I didnt even bother trying out the tester…..
I dont know why it is called shade no 2 when there is no other shade available. This is the only lip balm in the Pivoine Delicate collection. 
It has natural Peony extracts which have softening properties along with Rinicus plant oil and Grapeseed Oil which nourish the lips and optimise the shine of the colour. Also has Vitamins A and E. 
However, as you can see from the swatch, there is hardly any colour tint. In the pot, there seems to be a bit of gold shimmer too but that doesnt show up at all on the finger/lips. It is of course, moisturising and softening but there is nothing about it that makes me go WOW or that justifies it’s price tag (it costs much more than the normal L’Occitane lip balm)…..
Sorry L’Occitane, but this is one product that disappointed me 🙁

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  1. too bad, it turned out to be disappointment..:(
    But nice review Dollie.:)

  2. Shanaya Sinner says: Reply

    heya doll.. thx for the follow.
    Im following you back 😀
    This lipbalm looks gr8 but oh so expensive !!
    keep in touch 😀
    xoxo <3


    1. Hey Shanaya, thnx for following 🙂

  3. OMG! That’s one of the prettiest packings i’ve ever seen! but at 890 (WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT???!!!!) if a lip balm doesn’t rip your mind away, then one should be entitled to sue the company. Really, come on now!

    1. Totally agree…what a waste of money!

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