Colorbar Plum Grenadine Review and NOTD

Hey gorgeous girls,
All the Diwali ki safai has left my hands in terrible shape even though I make sure to wear gloves, use my L’Occitane hand cream etc and I’m in desperate need of a mani…I just thought I’d prettify my nails a bit before I actually get time to visit a salon. 
Here’s a new Colorbar nail polish I picked up a couple of days ago. It’s on of their new shades and looks like a gorgeous purpley-fuchsia in the bottle…..
It is a really pretty, bright fuchsia colour but somehow, even after two coats, it doesn’t look purple-y on my nails.
The formulation is very nice, it is thick and creamy and two coats are enough to give you opacity. I guess a third coat would make it a bit more purple but I stuck to two coz then it would have become too thick. 
This is how the colour looks in bright sunlight….a fun colour for autumn (though there isn’t any autumn in Bombay) don’t you think?

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  1. Thanks Niesha…tho I wish the purple would show up a bit too!

    1. Right, the color in the bottle is a bit different than on the nails.

  2. Its a beautiful bright shade.:)
    Looking good on your nails Dollie !!

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