DIY – Make Your Own Air Cushion Foundation / Serum Foundation – Video

DIY Cushion Foundation

One of the best Korean beauty inventions is the “Cushion Foundation” – a sponge soaked with liquid foundation or BB cream and put into a compact case. It is very convenient and travel-friendly  and drastically reduces your “makeup time” especially when you’re on a holiday. However, these cushion foundations, or air cushion foundation as they are sometimes referred to, aren’t easily available, especially in India. There are only a  couple of high-end brands that have launched cushion foundations in India and the Korean ones (if you order them online) usually have only two shades and even the darker of the two shades is too pale for the Indian skin tone.

The best option, hence, was for me to make my own cushion foundation and fill it with  a “serum foundation” customised for my skin’s requirements. Since my skin is quite dehydrated, I decided to add a lot of serum to the foundation mix  so that my makeup has added skincare benefits. Read on to know what I used for my DIY Cushion Foundation:

DIY Cushion Foundation

Check out how I made the cushion foundation in my DIY  video…

I chose not to add sunscreen to my cushion foundation since that tiny bit of sunscreen doesn’t give the required coverage. I rather wear sunscreen separately and then wear the foundation over it. The best thing about creating your foundation mix is that you can customise it to suit your skin’s requirements. Those with oily skins can add a mattifying primer to the mix (though this serum is great for all skin types – just reduce the quantity you add).

You can also get an exact shade for your skin making this a truly bespoke foundation – mix and match the existing foundations that you have to create a shade that is perfect for you.

Since this is a compact, it is great to carry around on while traveling or even just for touch ups. And once the foundation in it is all used up, just wash out the sponge and create a new mix. Simple. And so much fun.

Let me know what you think of making your own alternative to high end cushion foundations or serum foundations. Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

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