5 Reasons Why I Love The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review

When we talk of The Body Shop, the first thing that comes to mind is amazing bath and body products and skincare. Sometimes, even their makeup products. However, one category of products that The Body Shop has that is quite an “unsung hero” are the makeup brushes. I have been using two makeup brushes –the Face & Body Brush and the Kabuki Brush – from The Body Shop since the last 4 years, and a couple of months ago, I bought 4 more to add to my collection – the Blush brush, the Foundation brush, the Lip / Concealer brush and the Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush. 

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review

I have been loving all these brushes, which is why I really feel like they are the unsung heros, the neglected products from The Body Shop that deserve a bit more attention than they are getting. Here are 5 reasons why I really love The Body Shop makeup brushes…


In keeping with The Body Shop’s “Enrich not exploit” policy, the makeup brushes from The Body Shop are all cruelty-free and are made of synthetic fibers.

Super Soft & Dense

The synthetic fibers of these brushes are super soft, plush and dense. Applying makeup with them is a luxurious feeling because you feel like the brushes are caressing your face – especially the Face & Body, Kabuki, Blush and Foundation brushes.

Upright Standing Handles

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review

This is the one thing that I love the most about The Body Shop makeup brushes. With the exception of the Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush, all the others have a thick, flat base that helps the brush stand upright. I find it more hygienic since the bristles don’t come into contact with any dirt or grime that might be there on the dresser nor do you get product stains since the brush head doesn’t come in contact with the surface.

No Shedding

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review
Can you tell the old brushes apart from the new?

As mentioned earlier, I have been using the Kabuki Brush and the Face & Body Brush since over 4 years and have washed them countless times. And they are still as good as new – just as soft, just as plush and dense. The new brushes have been washed around 4-5 times and again, there is barely any shedding at all! Which is simply fabulous. I hate brushes that shed when you wash them or even become rough and scratchy after washing.

Affordable and Accessible

We all know that good makeup brushes are difficult to get in India. The good brands available internationally are not only expensive, you also have to pay a huge amount for shipping. Not to mention the customs duty once they land on Indian shores. The Body Shop makeup brushes are priced very affordably – especially if you see the luxurious quality that you get. The first time I bought these brushes, I was pleasantly shocked to know the prices! And they’re easily available in India – either from The Body Shop stores or from their website. And no customs duty.

Here’s a bit more about each of The Body Shop brush in my collection along with their prices.

The Body Shop Powder Foundation / Kabuki Brush

Price ₹1,495

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Powder Foundation brush.

I absolutely LOVE this brush and use it with powder as well as cream/liquid products. It is fantastic for buffing in cream foundations to get an airbrushed, flawless finish. I have reviewed it in detail earlier and you can read the review here.

The Face & Body Brush

Price ₹995

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Face & Body Brush

Again this one has been with me since 4 years – not that you can tell by looking at it. It is super soft and great for applying powder or bronzer, not just on your face but also on your decolletage, your collarbones etc.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush

Price ₹695

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Foundation Brush

The Body Shop Foundation brush is a flat brush with tapered bristles. The bristles are very soft and don’t feel scratchy on the face at all. However, I have to admit that I don’t use this brush for it’s intended purpose, ie. with foundations but I love to apply face masks with this brush. It spreads the face mask evenly onto the face in a thin layer on the face and I keep this brush solely to apply masks. Try it.

The Body Shop Blush Brush

Price ₹795

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Blush Brush

Again, a super, super soft brush and just the perfect size for applying blush. It picks up and deposits just the right amount of colour onto the cheeks.

The Body Shop Lip / Concealer Brush

Price ₹500

The Body Shop makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Lip Brush

This is actually a dual-purpose brush and can be used to apply lipstick as well as concealer (for spot concealing). I prefer to use it only to apply lipsticks though, especially the deep, dark colours for which you need really precise application.

The Body Shop Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush

Price ₹995

The bodyshop makeup brushes review
The Body Shop Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush

On one end of The Body Shop Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush is a fluffy blending brush – great for blending shades and any harsh edges – and the other is a slanted brush – for applying gel eyeliners. The slanted brush is a great help when doing a winged liner and the blending brush works very well for applying shadow to the crease and blending them out. This brush is a new addition to the range and has a wooden handle as against the black resin handles that the other brushes have.

To Sum It Up

So, this is why I really love The Body Shop Makeup brushes and feel that they haven’t really got the kind of popularity that they deserve. If you want to try out just one brush from their collection to see just how lovely and plush it is, go for the kabuki. It is the BEST! I love them all and highly recommend them. Cruelty-free, soft, affordable and easily available. What more could you want?

Have you tried The Body Shop makeup brushes? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.


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