MAC So Chaud Review Swatch and LOTD

Ok, first the translation, “il fait chaud” is French for the weather is hot! Well, here I’m not talking about the weather but, as you must have guessed, I’m referring to the really hot MAC lipstick, SO CHAUD!

While I have been wearing red lippies for quite some time now, i’ve have never quite ventured into the orange territory. In fact, I bought my first peachy coral, just a couple of months ago, Revlon Colorburst In Peach, so I really did not think I would be buying a vermilion lipstick.

The first time I read the review of So Chaud in one of the posts on Parul’s blog, and was really attracted to the vibrant colour of this lipstick. But i was still quite hesitant coz i really didnt think I would be able to carry it off (though I love its darker, bluer sister, RubyWoo).

But what really made me bunk my Yoga class and go to the MAC store to buy this little hot number, was Ikya’s post on this. It looked so simply fab on her! (hope it looks half as good on me).

This lippie is part of MAC’s permanent collection and is a matte one. Not a dry-as-the-Sahara-Ruby-Woo kind of dry but more of a creamy matte (the texture reminds me of the Mattene lipsticks which were discontinued but have now been re-launched) in the sense that it is quite easy to apply, doesn’t tug or pull at the skin of the lips. And it  has the lovely vanilla fragrance that is the signature of all MAC lipsticks. The packaging is the standard cute little black bullet.

The colour is a pure vermilion, a red shot through with orange. On my lips though, the orange doesnt really come through (perhaps coz my lips are pigmented?) and it looks redder than it does in the hand swatch. But it is a beautiful colour. I even tried wearing a stain mixed with the Revlon Colorburst Peach and the result was a lovely dark coral.

Oh, and this is one tenacious lippie. Once its on your lips, it clings on with its life!!! I used Clinique Take The Day Off, not once, not twice but three times and yet i felt that my lips had a bit of a stain left! So full marks for staying power.

So, thanks a lot to the gorgeous bloggers who ‘inspired’ me to buy this…here are some pics (like I said, I still havent quite figured out the blogger ipad app so the pics come at the end of the post).

8 Replies to “MAC So Chaud Review Swatch and LOTD”

  1. This is such a beautiful shade… but I cant carry of such shades.. such a pity 🙁

    1. That is what I used to think Divya till I tried it at the store. Try it on yourself….you might be surprised 🙂

  2. LOl ! Only Mac can come up with such names. 😛 Lovely shade Dollie and nicely reviewd. 🙂

    1. Thanks :D… Even OPI has really interesting names for their nail colours.

  3. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    I loveed reading this. Not just because you said I looked nice! 😛 FOTD FOTD! I want to see how it looks on that pretty face your yours!!:D

    1. *hiding face* no no FOTDs…I’m terible at takin pics of myself! I can’t even take proper pics of my eyes n lips up close 🙁 . But I’ll practise till I get the hang of it :p

  4. its on my wishlist…love it!

    1. Lovely colour isn’t it? 😀

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