Packing for A Winter Safari Holiday

Merry Christmas all of you! Hope you all had a great time. I seriously don’t understand where the time is flying…I feel like I’ve been chauffeuring the kids for an endless round of Christmas parties and fun fairs!

Last year, we spent Christmas in Singapore and this year, we’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in Ranthambor. We’re leaving day after tomorrow but I had to start packing today coz tomorrow’s going to be a whirlwind of salon, visit to the doc (both kids have a terrible cough and cold), and my in-laws’ anniversary so I’m not going to have much time on hand.

Holiday + New Year + Safari = confusion as to what cosmetics to take along. I didn’t want to take too much and I’m probably not going to use even half of what I take along. But I’m taking some stuff along anyway. My new treasure, Chanel Vitalumiere is obviously travelling with me but I’ll probably just be putting on a light dusting of the Shiseido powder foundation. A soft rose lipstick, a nude one and MAC So Chaud with Chanel Glossimer Meteore and YSl Golden Gloss #31 are the lippies. And I couldn’t resist putting in the Sleek iDivine Storm palette though I doubt it’s going to come out of the cosmetics case.

Since its going to be really cold and dry there (as compared to Mumbai), I have also taken along some skincare samples which should be help my skin in that weather. My favourite shampoo and conditioner, Victoria’s Secret So Sexy always comes along. I keep filling up these travel bottles from the big sized ones. Of course, my Shiseido cleanser bottle is too big so I’m still hunting around for a small bottle I can empty and fill my cleanser in. Probably one of those hotel shampoo bottles that I love collecting 😉

I know I have a lot of reviews to do, the list simply keeps getting longer….but for now, just enjoy the pics.

Oh and both the cosmetic cases, the red vintage print Elizabeth Arden one and the dull gold Lancôme one, were both part of gwps (gift with purchase) along with the stuff my bro sent from USA.

Psssst…a little secret….I’ve put aside some of the gorgeous Lancôme stuff for a giveaway which I shall be having soon…..stay tuned 😉




9 Replies to “Packing for A Winter Safari Holiday”

  1. Have a super time at Ranthambor and do post pics after coming back..Happy New Yr in advance to you 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot…will surely post pics. Hope u have a wonderful New Year’s eve 🙂

  2. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    Merry christmas and have a gr8 time ahead..:)

    1. Thanks Preethi 🙂 Wish u happy holidays too!

  3. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    Wish you’ll a very merry Christmas Dollie!!
    Eeee Ranthambor! Have fun and hope you spot lots of Tigers! =) I promise you that you wont be using more than half of all that you’re carrying! 😛 You’ll hear that some people spotted some tigers and you’ll run to be there. The dryness in Hyd is only killing me, it’s going to be horrible there. But time for makeup, you wont have, and I sincerely hope that you don’t, and that you’re super busy having loads of fun! =)

    1. Thanks Ik…hope u had a great christmas. I always pack lots of makeup n use less than 10% of it! Kids esp eager to see d animals. Younger one’s just 2.5 so hope he behaves.

    2. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

      I did! 🙂 it’s so great that you’re taking them so young! Thanks to my paents who took me to national parks and safaris and animal shelters since I was really little, I’m great with animals, and have something to be passionate about! 🙂 all the best! Hope you spot lots, and the boys are so busy having fun, they forget to trouble you! Safe journey and a happy new year in advance! 🙂

    3. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

      haha I want that just one day extension too, always! 😛 I will, if there’s a [party! 😛

    4. Travelled a lot as a child with my parents and trying to do the same with the boys. They both love to travel. They always want their holiday to be extended by just one more day (get that from me).
      Wish you a very happy new year too…and post ur new years eve party FOTD!

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