The Body Shop Makeup Brushes Review

There’s one thin rolling pin that I have, which I use to make rotis, you know, the really thin phulka rotis, and I can’t make them as nice with any other rolling pin. For parathas, my preferred tool is a thick, grooved one.

In school, till the time we wrote with ink pens, my favourite ones were the Hero pens…you remember the Japanese pens with the really tiny nibs and cartridge system….I used to love the way my writing came out all neat and proper with those.

Ask any hairstylist, they will surely have their preferred scissors, a soldier will have his favourite weapon…..and a makeup artist will have their favourite makeup brushes. The professionals will all swear that the tools are extremely vital to get the desired results.

Though I love makeup a lot, I kind of ignored the importance of the right brushes. I didn’t feel the need to spend thousands of rupees on makeup brushes. For foundations especially, I felt that my fingers were the best tools (for eyeshadows and blush/bronzer, I had a nice set of Elizabeth Arden brushes which was gifted to me). But when I bought my latest foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, the SA really convinced me that the brush is as important as the foundation.

So, when I saw the brushes at The Body Shop, and I saw the 15% discount on purchase of two makeup products, I gave in and bought two of the brushes (and the fact that they are synthetic was the icing on the cake…I really wouldn’t want to use animal hair brushes). The Minerals Foundation Brush and the Face and Body Brush are two of the densest, softest brushes I have seen and give an almost sensual feel when you use them on your face.

The Mineral Foundation brush (kabuki brush), is a really dense, fluffy, soft brush with a short, stubby handle. The quality of the bristles is excellent and the density allows for picking up the perfect amount of powder. I used it to apply and buff the Clinique Blended Face a powder and the Shiseido White Lucent Powder Foundation and the result I got with this brush was amazing!

I don’t know what got into me, I suddenly used this brush to apply a cream foundation, MAC Mineralise SPF 15. I touched the brush lightly to the cream foundation and then buffed the foundation on my face like you would buff the powder….and I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! What a marvellous effect!!! Talk about airbrushed!!! My skin looked like it had been photoshopped! And though some of my sun spots could be seen (I don’t like full coverage, I feel that if some spots can be seen, the skin looks more real…I know I’m bit funny like that), the texture of my skin looked flawless. It didn’t even look like I had foundation on!!! I am soooooooooo glad I experimented with this brush and foundation 🙂

The Face and Body brush was the one I had actually intended to use for applying liquid foundation, but after seeing the results with Kabuki, I decided to use this only for my blushes and bronzers. This brush too, has a really dense head with soft and smooth bristles and an extra long handle. The shape of the handle is such that you can keep the brush standing on your vanity. The lush bristles ensure a lovely blended effect when applying blush or bronzer, no streaks anywhere!

Though I’m repeating myself, I can’t say enough about the softness of the bristles! THEY ARE SOOOOOO SOFT. Using these brushes make the makeup application become a luxurious experience! And though they are expensive, I feel that they are good value for money. They seem like they will last me for a couple of years for sure.

Price: Rs. 880 for the Face and Body brush
Rs. 1395 for the Mineral Foundation brush (currently, there is a 15% off promo on purchase of two makeup items)

Have you used these brushes? Which is your favourite makeup brush?

Here are the pics…..





19 Replies to “The Body Shop Makeup Brushes Review”

  1. I want to try the kabuki…:)

    1. It is really lovely

    2. Hemajhangiani says: Reply

      hey dollie, whats the cost of the kabuki brush from body shop..wanna get one..

    3. Hi Hema, its priced at Rs. 1395.

  2. Sunshine Beauty says: Reply

    I have been using blending brush from TBS and that’s really good and luxurious 🙂

    1. Haven’t tried that one yet…

  3. You are so right! the right makeup brushes are soooo necessary for the right kind of application. I recently got the Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set, (you can check it out on my blog) but i have been eyeing the Kabuki brush for a long time now.

    Priyanka (The Purplenista)

    1. Will check the 22 brush set on ur blog…but tell me do u really need 22 brushes?

    2. I would say yes, you would need 22 brushes or more cos each of those brushes has its own use and purpose. It also depends on how intricate and precise you want your makeup to be. Let me know if you have any queries.

      Priyanka (The Purplenista)

  4. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    I have the older kabuki from TBS and a blush brush that looks like your foundation brush but slightly smaller, which was obviously a mistake! Blush wise, it does nothing! but the kabuki brush is my lover! I use it for blushes too! Oh and I have the MAC Mineralize spf 15 foundation and I used the kabuki with it once. It was really nice, but then I got the sigma flat top kabuki and it’s equally nice, if not better, Thing is, it’s not as dense, so it doesn’t eat up a lot of cream, liquid product. And it’s nicer having different brushes for cream and powder stuff. Or I’d be running mad cleaning everything! BTW,if you like the ‘let my spots show’ foundation, try out the MAC MSF Natural, if you haven’t already! The easiest and fastest thing to use when you’re pressed for time! and it’s the kabuki’s soulmate! Phew!

    1. Haven’t tried MSF Natural yet but Lancome Teint Miracle too is a sheer to moderate coverage one. Thanks for the brush recommendations..I’m not too much into brushes at the moment tho, quite happy with the few I have :). In between cleanings,I give the brushes a “sponge bath” with the MAC makeup remover wipes 😉 so it makes them decently clean.

    2. Though some occassions do need a full coverage foundation…any recommendations for that? I have used MAC Studio Tech earlier and it did give quite a nice effect.

    3. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

      Studio sculpt is a great full coverage, dewy looking foundation!

  5. i just bought the coastal scents 22 pc brush set…me sorted for quite sometime :)..these look grt

    1. 22 brushes! Wow that’s a lot…do you use them all?

  6. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    love them…bt a bit expensive for me..:)

  7. Yes they are…but not as much as the MAC brushes.

  8. ive always wanted this kabuki brush but its expensive na 🙁

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