OPI Barefoot In Barcelona – Review, Swatch and Price In India

Oh, please don’t take me literally and think that I’m actually asking you to go Barefoot…nope, not in Bombay, not in Barcelona (though both have similar temperatures at the moment, between 12-14 degrees C). I am talking about OPI’s gorgeous nude nail colour Barefoot in Barcelona which I have been wanting to review since quite some time but just got around to doing.

I had wrongly included this in the December haul pics. It was intended to be only in the upcoming reviews pics. Though actually, this was part of a December haul…just not Dec 2012 but Dec 2011 during my Singapore trip. (Which reminds me, please DO NOT buy OPI from Singapore,  it is too expensive there. I bought this and OPI Pink Before You Leap without checking the prices from a Duty Free at Changi. My heart almost stopped when the SA told me the bill amount was SGD 40+. That’s more than Rs. 800 per polish! But the bill was made and I didnt want to cancel the sale so I bought it. Please learn from my mistake.)


Anyway, getting back to the colour, it is a gorgeous nude, not too pale not too brown, that doesnt look washed out on my tan skin. It is a beautiful peachy-beige that would go well with all looks and is perfect for work. Infact, this is my idea of a detox when I feel I’ve had an overdose of bright, bold colours on my nails.

As with other OPI colours, the consistency is not too thick so when you apply just one coat, it looks quite streaky. But the colour builds up really well with the second and third coats and looks opaque. I have worn just two coats in these pics.

The wear time is also really good and the polish looks fresh even after 3days. However, no matter which brand I use, my nail polish always starts fading at the tips from the second day itself. Whether I apply a top coat or not, this happens, even after a manicure from a salon. I guess it could just be coz I’m a hands on mother and I don’t rely on my maids where the boys are concerned. Everything from their bathing to feeding, I do so that could be the reason.


Like it? Which is your favourite wear-with-everything-nude nail colour?

22 Replies to “OPI Barefoot In Barcelona – Review, Swatch and Price In India”

  1. Beautiful shade!
    Beauty Makeup Addict

  2. I <3 this color dollie-i had been looking for it all over the place. Thanks for posting it here!!!

    1. I luv this colour too 🙂

  3. I love this color..it’s such a gorgeous neutral!!

    1. Yup…its one of my faves.

  4. Sunshine Beauty says: Reply

    thats a lovely shade 🙂

  5. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    Look whose a master at macro shots now! Definitely not a colour I would spend more than a 100 rupees on. But that’s just me loving brights! and oh that must be true, my mum (doesn’t bathe me and all) but her manicure doesn’t last more than a day either!

    1. Hahaha, pics of nails is different and face is different. I think I will have to do a post on my disastrous pics…at least it will make all the Shringaristas laugh 😉

      I love brights too..but like I said, sometimes I need a “detox” from them.

  6. Ok this blog tempted me to try the nude color in the Sephora set. Came out awesome 🙂 Try that one too!

    1. Yup, its lovely. Leotard Optional is like Barefoot’s sibling 🙂

  7. I love the shade Dollie 🙂

    1. I love it too 😀

  8. Rs. 800 for an OPI is like a bomb… I have seen a similar shade in Avon, in some recent range I think.
    but loving your haul.. seeing so many TBS moisturizers on fellow bloggers post, that I have to get one soon 🙂

    1. I think even Faces and Colorbar have dupes of this colour.
      The TBS body butter is really gr8…I still have to review it. Going to stock up during sale.

  9. The color luks very pretty 🙂 I like beiges and nude shades on nails 🙂 and 800 a pop?? whoa exorbitant :

    1. So that is why do not buy from Singapore. OPI available in India for around 520 and you might get it online for even less.

  10. such a pretty color.:)
    Looks so good on you!!

    1. Thanks Niesha 🙂 I think it would look good on all skintones.

  11. very pretty shade…:)

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