Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon.

Last month, I had attended the Vellvette and Elizabeth Arden Essential Skincare Workshop and while  trying out the skincare, I had also checked out a lovely bright pink lipstick that looked so very pretty and perfect for spring summer. As an added incentive, all those who placed orders for any Elizabeth Arden products that day, got a 10% discount. Here it is, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick inWatermelon.

Here’s what the Elizabeth Arden website has to say about this lipstick:
This lustrous, color-saturated lipstick is infused with Volulip™ and delivers brilliant, moisturizing, color-lasting comfort shine, for plumper, fuller-looking lips. Lips look fuller, more defined … and feel youthfully smooth, soft and nourished. Ceramide Triple Complex helps strengthen and re-texturize skin’s appearance, holding in vital skin-plumping moisture. Lips look fuller and younger. Contours seem more defined.

One of the main reasons I decided to buy this lipstick is its beautiful packaging. “The Ceramide Ultra Lipstick case makes a luxurious fashion statement. Embossed with a design inspired by the iconic Elizabeth Arden Red Door, this sleek column of richly- textured golden metal is a precious accessory meant to be seen and admired.” Of course, it is also prone to scratches so I haven’t thrown away the outer carton yet. With other lipsticks, I throw away the outer case immediately.

The colour is a fun, vibrant pink which is really very glossy. The smooth hydrating texture of this lipstick keeps it from looking overpowering as well as gives the appearance of plumped up lips. I generally prep my lips with lip balm before I apply any lipstick but I didn’t need to with this one. So, if you have really dry lips and an urge to splurge on a high-end lipstick, go and buy this one coz the texture is simply wonderful.

Of course a glossy, hydrating finish also means that the lipstick scores less in the lasting power. On me, it lasted for about 4 hours without eating. If you eat anything, then you will have to reapply it sooner. And the food crumbs too, will fall in love with the gorgeous glossy lipstick and not want to leave your lips. I think if you have a meal with this lipstick on, you would need to wipe off the lippie and reapply post meal.

Surprisingly, there’s no fragrance at all in this lippie. Actually, it is a good thing…just surprising coz we are all so used to lipsticks which smell like fruit orchards etc. So this one is clearly a pleasant surprise.

Currently, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE lipstick coz it looks so beautiful and I can wear it pretty much anywhere. Yes, it is expensive but I really think its worth the price, if only to take it out and admire the gold case…lol.

The photo of the hand swatch isn’t too accurate coz I took this pics in the evening and by the time I took the pic, the light was beginning to fade. The lip swatch shows exactly how the colour is and you can also see the light texture.

What do you think of it?


9 Replies to “Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon.”

  1. Sunshine Beauty says: Reply

    pretty shade. just loved its glossiness 🙂

  2. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    such a pretty shade…love the effect on ur lips

    1. Thanks Preethi 🙂

  3. Halima - Fashionicide says: Reply

    What a lovely shade! It goes nicely with Asian/Desi skin tones. Definitely need to pick this up 🙂 xo

    1. It does,,,gives a lovely wash of colour that isn’t too brigh

  4. Absolutely love the colour – this is my favourite lip colour actually 🙂
    My Beauty Junction

  5. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    It looks so pretty Dollie! Like bubblegum! It does look light and not very opaque in the swatch itself! A great way to wear bright colours!

    1. It is truly lovely and light…it’s perfect in every way…except for the price 🙁

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