Flash Contest….And No, This Contest Doesnt Last Long!

Flash sale: Deal of the day (also called flash salesone deal a day) is a type of ecommerce in which a website offers a single product for sale for a period of 24 to 36 hours. Members of deal of the day websites receive online offers and invitations in postal mailemail and social networks. (Source Wikipedia)

So, in the very same way, we are going to have a Flash Contest for a period of 24 hours, from 9pm today to 9pm tomorrow. This contest…..
Maybelline New York asked girl’s to share what was on their mind.
Be it weekends, flings, kisses, boyfriends or their shopping funds, the hottest topic on the Maybelline New York Girl’s mind is “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” 
Girls, do you feel the same way? Tell us what you wish lasted longer!
So, be creative, be unique in your answers……and you could win a surprise gift from Maybelline New York!
A few simple rules though:
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Simple, isn’t it? So get cracking on those grey cells and write your answers in the comments below.

12 Replies to “Flash Contest….And No, This Contest Doesnt Last Long!”

  1. Sweet and Bitter says: Reply

    when boyfriend is around, lipgloss does not last longer…

  2. I can totally understand that…both my boys are growing up so fast!

  3. Time spent away from my smartphone doesn’t last long enough 😀

    1. FB Name: Nupur Saxena

      GFC: Nupur

      Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/emerald_heart25/status/299775627576360961

      thanks 🙂 xx

  4. chandana Tantri says: Reply

    I wish my daughter’s baby-hood lasted a little more longer. She is growing up so quickly.

  5. Love this concept of Flash contest! It’ll be sooo much fun!!!!
    I wish my new year’s resolutions lasted longer.

    1. Lol…resolutions are meant to be broken na 😉

  6. Hi Dollie! On a serious note, I wish our times with grandparents and other elders lasted longer. I wish our childhood and age of innocence had lasted longer.
    On a lighter note, I wish Diwali discount sales lasted longer. I wish most lipsticks lasted longer. Above all, I wish ice creams, especially choco bars and mango bars, lasted longer 🙂

    1. I agree…wish times with grandparents could have lasted longer….

    2. Ooops – forgot to put the Twitter link: https://twitter.com/mbeautyjunction/status/299570425145466881
      Am on your FB (Renu Nathan) and on your followers (ReNu or http://www.mybeautyjunction.blogspot.com) x

  7. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    Awesomeness! As you know, I have this going on on my blog too! But I’ve been participating on other blogs to get a chance at winning “the surprise goodie!” 😛

    My 2 broke girls marathon doesn’t last long enough I guess! 😛 I already finished ” my bb’s battery on some other blog!” But I know you’d understand that! 😛

    1. Hehe..I entered on ur blog too :p
      I’m so fed up with bb battery! The amount of time its attached to the charger, I feel its more a landline than a mobile!!!

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