Arm Yourself Against the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays with Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Spray

The weather in Bombay has done a volte-face since last week. From being pleasantly cold to really cool winds, it suddenly reached 40C in just a day. Obviously, all full sleeved clothes were immediately used to the back of the wardrobe and out came all the cottons in short sleeves, sleeveless and straps. Of course, along with those came a trusted warrior to shield and protect my exposed skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 30 Spray.
Quick lesson:
UVA = Rays that cause Aging (photo aging of the skin, sun spots/freckles, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles etc. )
UVB = Rays that cause skin to burn. Skin that turns red and scaly, sun burns are all because of the UVB rays.
Ergo, very important to use a sunscreen that offers UVA+UVB protection.
End of lesson.

This is what Vichy says about this product: A micro-diffusion technology which allows Capital Soleil sprays to be applied evenly for uniform protection without cracks. High protection, non greasy and non sticky, quickly absorbed into the skin, leaves no white marks. Provides complete protection from UVB and UVA rays due to its 5 filter system. Photostable and water resistant. Spray textures are characterized by ease of application and freshness; they are also not greasy, not sticky and penetrate rapidly, without leaving white marks on the skin, even with high SPF.

This sunscreen comes in a white bottle with an orange top and transparent orange cap. It claims to give high protection against UVB+UVA rays, is Paraben free, water resistant and hypoallergenic. It has Mexoryl XL to protect against the UVA rays. When I had bought this, SPF 30 was the only one available in a spray bottle. I think this has now been replaced by SPF 50 coz I can’t see the 30 bottle anywhere.

True to its claims, this sunscreen is truly non greasy and non sticky. It is a thick, white lotion which is easy to spread and initially, on application, it makes the skin look shiny. However, once it settles, after about 10-15 minutes, the skin looks and feels just normal; no greasy shine, no sticky feel. Skin isn’t totally matte either, just normal. It also has a very pleasant, mild fragrance. Some people do prefer fragrance free sunscreens but I don’t like the chemically smell of those.

When I bought this a couple of months ago, I had opted to buy the spray bottle instead of the normal one coz I believed the spray would make it easier to apply on hard to reach areas like the back or behind the thighs. It definitely is easier and less messy too as compared to taking sunscreen in the palm of your hand and then trying to evenly apply it all over your back etc. Just a few sprays, spread it out and you’re done, neatly. (Even your significant other will prefer this when asked to apply sunscreen to your back, rather than messing up his hands with tons of product).
The spray also helps to control the quantity you use so you don’t end up wasting too much product, as well as helps you apply exactly where you want to. 3-4 sprays are enough to cover one arm.

My skin is the kind that tans super quick in the sun, irrespective of whether I wear sunscreen or not. 15 minutes in the pool, even with sunscreen, and my skin will turn into a shade of caramel or honey etc 🙁 (My mom-in-law is one lucky lady, she’ll just become pink in the sun and gradually come back to her normal fair tone in a couple of hours. And that too Without sunscreen! No tan!!!)
Anyway, I digress…this sunscreen didnt totally prevent my skin from getting tanned (I’ve still to find a sunscreen that does that) though I feel it does delay the tanning. At least I can rest assured that my skin’s protected from the UV rays. And this sunscreen, I use only on my body, not my face.

Priced at Rs. 1690 for 200ml, it is certainly an expensive sunscreen. The new SPF 50 sunscreen is priced at Rs. 1790 for 200 ml. I know there are several good sunscreens priced much lower than this but the main reason I bought this is because it is from Vichy, a brand that I trust and love ever since I used the Normaderm Triactive. And it isn’t shiny, greasy, it is waterproof, hypoallergenic, everything you would want your sunscreen to be. I’m quite happy with this sunscreen.

Have you tried the Capital Soleil range? Which is your favourite sunscreen? Do you use a separate sunscreen for the face and for the body or just one for both? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sun is very harmful for skin… i use sunscreen now i want to change. give me good suggestion which brand is good for daily use…

  3. You make it sound like caramel or honey coloured skin is a bad thing.

    1. Sorry if it sounded like that, that’s not what I meant…I was just trying to describe how the colour of my skin is after being assulted by the sun.

  4. This is exactly the sunscreen I use. It used to come in SPF50, but last time they only had 30. Application is super-easy and it’s very effective against the sun, best of all – NO parabens. I also re-use the empty bottle to make my own hairspray.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. And now the 30 has been discontinued and only 50 is

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