Lancôme Magic Voyage Travel Lip and Eye Palette

I love palettes coz they are so compact and convenient. And if they are exclusive travel edition ones, available only at Duty Free, I really find them hard to resist. To my credit, Though it was really tough, I did restrain myself when I saw the gorgeous Chanel travel palette at Hong Kong airport, the bigger Lancôme palette too, was very appealing. I had to keep reminding myself of all the unused eyeshadows and lipsticks and blushes lying in my makeup drawer. The Dior palette was easier to turn a blind’s eye to coz the colours in it were quite cool toned and I didn’t think it would look good on me.

So, finally we were at the departure gate, waiting to board the flight. Hubby and boys were busy playing games on the iPads and phones so I decided to stroll through the tiny little duty free near our gate (keep tempting shoppers right till they board the flight!) I saw this cute little palette, my resistance crumbled. So small, so cute, so chic, with such pretty colours, they would surely look good on me! No testers here but I was quite sure these colours would work for me so here it is, my impulsive, last-purchase-of-the-holiday……

This sleek black palette nests cosily in a soft black velvet pouch with the Lancôme rose logo embossed on it. I really like these kind of small touches because they make the product feel more luxurious. Also, the velvet pouch protects the shiny black plastic from getting scratched in your handbag if you’re like me and your bag is stuffed with thousands of other things. (Read about it here).

There are two layers in this palette, the upper one has 6 eyeshadows and two applicators, one for the shadows and one is a lip brush. The lower layer slides out to reveal 3 colour fever shine lipsticks, a beige, a pink and a red.

There are no names of the shadows or lippies mentioned, just their numbers. And those aren’t in order either so there’s no way to know which shadow is which number unless you want to go through the whole of Lancôme’s website matching the numbers to the shades. Or if you want to do that at a Lancôme store. I had no time for either so I’m just writing the numbers as they are on the box.

5 Ombré Absolue powder eye shadows: F60, F70 Duo. D01, A05, G50.
1 Color Design powder eye shadow: 501
The colours are all beautiful and wearable. The top row has a shimmery taupe, a cream (highlighter), and a silvery grey. The bottom row has a beautiful brown (one of the loveliest browns I’ve seen), a soft pink and a dark grey.
The shadows are all very fine milled and have an extremely silky texture. They are very easy to apply and the shimmer is very fine too. No big chunky glitters and almost no fallout. I love Lancôme shadows  (will review some of the other Lancôme shadows I have soon) coz their quality is really fab!

The lipsticks are all Color Fever Shine lipsticks, which are more sheer than the Rouge Absolue. The colours are 208, 324 and 106.

They are all very creamy, in fact the texture is more like the Revlon lip butters and they aren’t very pigmented either. For the beige and the pink, I  have to apply two/three layers for the colour to show up well especially since I have pigmented lips. The red is beautiful and is perfect for those who are afraid to wear reds coz this is quite sheer.
The lippies have a pleasant fragrance, which I quite like in makeup. However, because they are sheer, they are not very long lasting and will definitely not see you through a meal. A couple of drinks or a coffee maybe but not snacks.
Here are the shadow and lipstick swatches. I’m sorry the swatch pics aren’t that good but I was in quite a hurry. Will put up lip swatches and EOTDs when I get some time (read that as when my maids come back!!!)

What do you think about this palette?

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  1. I Think they are overpriced beauties, lol seriously, You can get better pigmented same colored Inglot eyeshadows and lippie refills for half the price along with an empty pallete, but I know the high end brands have a certain attraction that lures you(read women) in that is impossible to avoid if you got cash :p

  2. The lipstick shades are nice, but I wish they were Rouge Absolu instead of Color Fever Shine.

  3. Great Palette. I love the colors of the lippies and eye shadows are so wearable!

    1. Agree…really waiting to try out the shadows.

  4. Wow! I bought the Absolute Voyage palette last year, the one with the blush, mascara and powder. Lippies are the same colour, and eyeshadows seem to be very similar. Wish I’d seen this, it’s a lot more compact 😀

    1. The Absolute Voyage palette is the one is successfully resisted…and the Chanel one too…lol. This one fits into a small clutch too.

  5. such pretty and wearable shades..perfect palette..

  6. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    looks like a great palette,good for travelling !!

    1. Yup…so sleek and lovely colours.

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