Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream Is The Knight InShining Armour For My Undereye Area!

My undereye area, dry and desolate, had been seeking help since a couple of years. Lots of brave soldiers tried to help it but to no avail. Ad now finally, the dashing Knight has arrived, wearing a shining golden armour no less!

I had heard a lot of good things about this eye cream but was sceptical about buying it coz I had already wasted loads of money on expensive eye creams that did nothing for my dehydrated undereye skin. But I am quite an impulsive shopper and when I tried the texture of this eye cream at the DFS Gallery in Macau, I gave in to my impulse and bought it. I’ve been using it every day since almost three weeks and I really love what its doing to my eye area.
This is what Shiseido has to say about this product: An ultra-rich, age-defying cream that visibly improves the appearance of all types of eye-area wrinkles from inner corner creases and under eye wrinkles to crow’s feet, lid creases and under eye vertical lines. The WrinkleResist24 signature ingredients prevent future wrinkles and repair existing wrinkles.
  • Contains Burnet Extract, to revitalize cells and counteract loss of firmness.
  • Developed with advanced Shiseido technology and ingredients including Super Bio Hyaluronic Acid N for intense moisture and Hydroxyproline to promote collagen production.
The day we were checking out of our Macau hotel, we had slept through the alarm and in the rush, I forgot the box and spatula of this cream along with Clarins cleanser and toner (just travel sizes thankfully) in the room. I’m so glad I didn’t leave this cream behind!
The packaging of this eye cream is really luxurious, though not very hygienic. It comes in a beautiful rose gold jar with a shiny gold, asymmetrical lid with the Shiseido tree/plant logo engraved on it. It comes with a spatula so that the product doesn’t get contaminated but I anyway apply my eye cream with clean fingers, so I’m not mourning the loss of my spatula too much.
The texture is this cream is really FABULOUS!!! It is very rich and moisturising and yet it isn’t too thick or unblendable. It is so smooth and creamy to apply and just a very tiny amount is needed for both eyes! Yes, it does take a couple of minutes to get absorbed into my skin but this is the only cream I have used that actually keeps my undereye hydrated all day long!!! I don’t find my undereye skin feeling dry or tight in the middle of the day and so no need to reapply (except at night after cleansing my face).
Obviously I have realistic expectations from the cream and I know that the lines that have already formed aren’t going to miraculously disappear. But I also had a lot of fine lines that were the result of dehydrated skin. Because this cream hydrates my skin so well, those fine lines are almost gone. The already formed lines are still there, however, but they too, appear slightly more smoothened out. Perhaps they are in the process of getting repaired….
What this cream doesn’t do however, is combat dark circles and puffiness. In all fairness, it doesn’t claim to do those things either! And in my case, the dark circles are genetic so I really doubt any superficial cream would be able to help.
It was priced at HK$ 430 which is approx Rs. 3000. I’m sure it is priced higher in India. But since such a tiny amount is required, I’m sure it’s going to last me for at least 6-7 months so it is quite good value for money.
So far, I am absolutely LOVING this eye cream. I think I’ve finally found an eye cream that is perfect for my undereye issues….the “Knight in Shining Armour” to my “Damsel in Distress” under eyes! 

11 Replies to “Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream Is The Knight InShining Armour For My Undereye Area!”

  1. My main eye problem is that my eyes get puffy real easy.
    I have decided to buy the Kiehls eye cream, hope it works for me.
    Nice post Dollie 🙂

  2. I want this now! But first, I am going to finish all the existing stuff I have 😛 😛

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  3. Nice review dollie.. i got a sample of under eye cream to try from clinique… it moisturized my under eye area very well but didn’t show any effect on dark circles.. 🙁 i find this product promising hope it works for me 🙂

    1. Ive tried Clinique All About Eyes but it didnt really do much for me. This one too doesnt work on dark circles but then, I really dont think any cream does.

  4. You temptress, you! I had promised myself I’d go through my existing dozen or so eye creams before I bought anything else. Now I need to get to the nearest Shiseido counter tomorrow!

    1. Hahaha….honestly, I love this cream. hey but try out a sample first to see if u like it too.

  5. preethi Prasad says: Reply

    great review dear

    1. Thanks Preethi 🙂

  6. Ikya Kesiraju says: Reply

    This does sound great! I have a super dry eye area, and I really must check this out! I’ve heard such great things about their night cream! But I get swayed by colour! and end up buying makeup instead, always! 😛

    1. Lol….they do have gr8 makeup too! try getting a sample to see if it works for you before you buy it.

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