Wanna Go Back To The Radisson Blu Resort and Spa, Alibaug, To Beat The Heat.

The weather in Bombay has been having terrible mood swings these past few days swinging between partially cloudy from Saturday to super bright and ultra sunny today. But even through the clouds, the terrible heat and humidity have been constant factors and totally drains a person out. I long to go for a spa break to the Radisson Blu Resort in Alibaug (I know I just came back from a holiday a fortnight ago) but since I can’t take a break right now, I just thought I’d relive my memories through the photographs and share them with you.

     Radisson Blu Alibaug Resort and Spa Swimming pool

The resort has a huge pool with a separate kids pool. What you see at the base of the steps is a really shallow body of water that is a lovely splash pool for babies. My younger son was a year and a half old when we had gone there and he had a total blast sitting, splashing and running in this shallow pool, while elder son enjoyed in the kiddie pool.
      Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug, swimming pool and hotel building
On the topmost floor of the resort buildings, the terrace that you can see is part of the Presidential Suite, which is where we stayed.
      Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug Presidential Suite Living Room
This is the living room of the suite with my little bunny boy sitting on the floor. On the right (not visible in the picture) is a big desk and the mini-bar.  The lime green curtains cover the French Windows that give way to the huge terrace……
     Radisson Blu Resort And Spa Alibaug Presidential Suite Terrace
     Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug Presidential Suite bedroom
The bedroom….
……and the gorgeous bathroom…..
     Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug Presidential Suite Bathroom
     Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug Presidential Suite Bathroom
You already know how much I love going to spas and trust me, the Mandara Spa at Radisson is simply fabulous!!!
     Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug, Spa water body

The water body stretches along the length of the spa. The treatment rooms are on either sides and post therapy, it is such a blissful feeling to relax here in the tranquility.

    Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug, Double Spa Suite

The Thai Double Suite for couples massage (while the kids play in the kids play room)…..

…..and it’s jacuzzi for two….had an amaaaaazing body scrub and massage.
     Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Alibaug, Spa jaccuzzi
 The food here is awesome, especially the desserts. Wish I had taken some pics of the wonderful spread and the delightful decor of the restaurant. The Piano Lounge has beautiful red seating but I don’t have any pictures of those.
With a cricket pitch, gym, library…and of course, the kids play area, pool and spa, this is one of my favourite places for a weekend getaway. Looking at all these pictures, I really feel like going there once again….hmmmm…lemme check sonny’s diary and see when the next long weekend is coming up 😉

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  1. Omg! Your son looks so super cute and happy! Lovely place!

  2. Dollie Solanki says: Reply

    It really is lovely 🙂

  3. Dollie Solanki says: Reply


  4. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    wow! The fun you must have had… 🙂 The pics are really good..>Seems to be a nice place!

  5. Ah , the fine life. loved the review 🙂

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