WOW! My November 2013 Vellvette Bag Has Thalgo, MUA, Mary Kay And Kama Ayurveda!

When I asked Vellvette’s co-founder, Vineeta Singh, to give a sneak peak into the November bag products, she said we would find out in just 2-3 days (read full post here). And just 2 days later, I have my Vellvette bag in my hand! I know you are really eager to know what I got…..take a look……

November Vellvette Bag Contents

     Contents of my November Vellvette Bag

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me just tell you that Vellvette is an Indian monthly beauty subscription box (now bag) that sends out at least three makeup/skincare/haircare products for just Rs. 499 a month. They do give bonus products too from time to time.

This month’s bag is a dark pink with black polka dots. The finish and quality of the November Vellvette bag is much better than the September anniversary bag.
I had just stepped out of the elevator of my building to go and pick up my son when I saw the courier guy standing with a brown box with Vellvette written all over it. I asked him the recipients name coz it had to be mine and it was! Then the interminable wait as I stood waiting for son’s school bus, Vellvette packet in hand, unable to open it and find out the contents! It felt quite light too so I was really eager to know what was in it. When I finally got back home, I rushed to get the scissors and cut open the packaging….

November Vellevette Bag’s Info Card

       November Vellvette bag welcome card

MUA Lip Boom ( Full Size)

      MUA Lip Boom in my November Vellvette Bag
Ohkayyy, MUA isn’t really a high-end brand but I have read lots of reviews about the Lip Boom, all of them raving about this product. It is a lipstick on one end and a gloss on the other. And that band of red that you can see at the base? It’s a detachable lipstick pot! Cute isn’t it?

Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Body Moisturiser

     Kama Ayurveda Lavender lotion in November Vellvette Bag
A very generous 50ml sample! I have used Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi face oil and Bringadi hair oil earlier and I like this brand and it’s products. This body lotion smells lovely and is perfectly sized for travelling. I’m very glad I got this in my November Vellvette bag.  Shall stash it for my Christmas holiday trip.
Thalgo Hyaluronic Mask
Thalgo Hyaluronic Mask in November Vellvette Bag
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I had experienced Thalgo products at a spa in Thailand years ago. Recently, I also reviewed their collagen eye cream (review here). This mask claims to be instant wrinkle filling and while I don’t have wrinkles (touchwood), I do have a few fine lines. I know nothing short of Botox or surgery would get rid of them totally (and personally, I am not going to try out either of those), but I would like to see if it makes my skin softer and more plumped up.
Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream (Bonus) 
     Mary Kay night cream in my november vellvette bag
There’s a slight discrepancy here; the card says Mary Kay pencils but I’ve got a tube of night cream which is for very dry skin. Will email Vellvette and ask about this, but in any case, when I’m travelling in December, I can probably try this out.
So, overall, I really liked what I got in my November bag. One makeup product, one for face, one for body and the bonus one….quite a good mix, what say? And definitely better than the My Envy box which charges Rs. 850 for samples that you could easily get at the store!
Did you like the contents of my November Vellvette bag? What did you get in your bag this month?

24 Replies to “WOW! My November 2013 Vellvette Bag Has Thalgo, MUA, Mary Kay And Kama Ayurveda!”

  1. I loved my box too this time!

  2. sweets I got Thalgo freshness exfoliator istead of Mask

  3. Did you get the thalgo mask? You should try that coz its really nice.

  4. Mine was a little disappointing 🙁 I liked only MUA lipstick, rest Thalgo and Votre I am not sure if I will use them

  5. Already did. Very sad responses. The attitude is “I don’t care if you you are disappointed. I have other customers too”!
    I have already requested cancellation. Wouldn’t ever recommend it to anyone.

  6. That is so bad…I feel terrible for you. I too havent been receiving all the product leaflets sincw a couple of bags. Why dont you write to them listing out all your complaints?

  7. The bag is received is completely different from yours and super DISAPPOINTING!
    I got the beauty UK eye shadow palette, which I already have from September bag (as a gift from a friend). It’s strange to keep sending once shipped products! Feels like they are using the left overs and excusing themselves because they claim you didn’t buy it directly from us so we didn’t have information on you having the product already!
    The second product received is the lemon n limes shower gel. I received a lemon shower gel (full size) in October too. So really sad to keep getting the same thing/fragrance again n again. And hard to believe that I couldn’t be given another smell or sown thing else!
    The bag has no leaflets whatsoever so I have no information on the products. The Ofra toner is badly packaged with no manufacturing dates etc. I would never use it on my skin for this reason.
    Feels like I paid full price of the bag for only a small sample sizes Iraya toner.
    My October bag also had flaws. Gave me a leaflet with no product. I requested them for product and was told that leaflet is wrong and gave me a completely different product. What a waste! Cancelling my subscription and wouldn’t subscribe again!

  8. True, this bag has really nice stuff. Lets see how the lip boom fares.

  9. Hey could you tell me about the luxary sachet explosion

  10. They are. And decently sized too!

  11. Yes Rekha, I agree 🙂

  12. Really happy with this bag 🙂

  13. Bipasha C says: Reply

    I Also received Thalgo, MUA and Kama ayurveda

    like you, even I somehow cannot stop subscribing to Vellvette 🙂

  14. the glitter is just so chunky and feels uncomfortable on the lips. It travels all over the mouth area as well. Though the lipstick shade u got is nice but the other 3 tht i tried- Cheeky,Vibe &OMG were too pastel-y and made me look sick

  15. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Good idea haha… we make money and they benefit from our guidance. Let’s see… politicians, postal services, most makeup artists, some interior decorators…. we could do a partnership – you in 4-5 states and me in 4-5 states 😀

  16. rachna sharma says: Reply

    this time the products in the bag looks really nice!

  17. Or they could simply hire us as their consultants/researchers *wink wink* . Beauty bags, mahabharat….who else could do with some of our expertise??

  18. I still have faith in them…and this bag has re-inforced that faith 🙂

  19. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Much better than recent months and the *luxury* sachet-explosion for 850. They all need to undergo training from Ipsy ($10) for a year before they begin, I tell you!

  20. Rekha Sriramagiri says: Reply

    The products are pretty decent this time.. loved the bag too <3

  21. Yup, I really like it 🙂

  22. I quite like the contents of the bag this time. Though i absolutely detest the MUA Lip booms :p

  23. Esha Gupta says: Reply

    Can’t hardly wait for mine! good stuff!

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