December 2013 Vellvette / FabBag Contents


I’m back from an awesome holiday and waiting for me was my December ’13 Vellvette bag which has now been re-christened as FabBag. The morning was really hectic as I had to attend my cousin’s wedding so as soon as I reached home from the airport, I dressed, did super-quick makeup and left. I didn’t even have time to iron or blow dry my hair or put nail polish 🙁 . And now I have to get ready and go for the reception so I’ll quickly show you what I got in my Dec Vellvette / FabBag.
     Contents of my December 2013 Vellvette / FabBag

I had seen pics on facebook / instagram of what some other bloggers had got in their December ’13 Vellvette / FabBag so I kinda knew what to expect. This month’s bag, black with multi-coloured stars on it, is really smart. The best bag so far. (I wish I could say that each month..for the bag and its contents)

      Content card for december 2013 Vellvette bag / FabBag

Origins Anti-Aging Cleanser

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cleanser in my december 2013 Vellvette Bag / FabBag
Surprisingly, there was no information card with this product so I have no clue what the price and weight of the full-sized product is. Or even whether it is sulphate-free / foaming / non-foaming. I also wonder how cleaners can be anti-aging. Oh well, will google it a bit when I have the time. This sample is a chotu 7ml one but I’m looking forward to trying it out. LIKE

Burt’s Bees Hand Cream

    Burt's Bees Honey and Grapeseed Hand Cream in december 2013 Vellvette Bag / FabBag

Yayyy. Burt’s Bees! I’ve always wanted to try stuff from this brand but hadn’t till now. Thanks Vellvette / FabBag for sending this generously sized 20gm sample. SUPER DUPER LIKE

LA Splash Nail Splash – BlowFish Red

      LA Splash Nail polish in december 2013 Vellvette Bag / FabBag
Who would ever say no to adding to their nail polish collection? And I’m quite happy with the LA Splash glitter liner I had received in my June Vellvette Bag. Haven’t yet used the mascara I got later though. I would have liked one of the glitter shades, but no complaints coz this one is a very pretty orange-red colour. LIKE

Anna Andre Nail Polish Remover

      Anna Andre Nail polish remover in december 2013 FabBag
This is a bonus product. The Anna Andre lip crayon that I had got in my December 2012 Vellvette bag was given away to my maid unused coz the colour was a dark purplish brown. When I had first seen the lip crayon, I was quite excited to use it but the colour was a disappointment. The nail polish remover can’t be bad though, especially since it is acetone-free. Let’s see how it fares. LIKE
So, that’s what I got in my December ’13 Vellvette /FabBag and I liked all the products. Let me now go and wear that gorgeous lime green with orange and fuchsia dress that you see below the products. That’s my new anarkali that I bought yesterday from Pratapsons in Jaipur. Will take and post pics if I get time. Did you like what you got in your bag? 
By the way, in case you didn’t know, the rates for FabBag are going to increase soon so if you’d like to subscribe, it’s better to do it now. Currently, the one month plan is priced at Rs. 499. Of course, the three, six and twelve month plans work out more economical. Check them out on their website

6 Replies to “December 2013 Vellvette / FabBag Contents”

  1. Some alluring stuff in there dear 😉 .. The Brut’s Bee hand cream is something I’m looking forward too – Do review it soon sweets 🙂

  2. Cosmochics says: Reply

    so wanna use Burt’s bee products! Looking forward to the reviews! 🙂

  3. Lol. im so lookin forward to using this 🙂

  4. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I liked the multi coloured star bag.. 🙂 they have give a nice big enough size of burt’s bee hand cream 🙂
    Happy weekend
    Keep in touch,

  5. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    I love Burt’s Bees products and keep hauling them despite already owning a tonne – found ONE shampoo in the whole of the Gulf so far – don’t they like the brand or something??

  6. Beauty Frontline says: Reply

    I like the nail color, and goodies are lovely, yet the bags looks too bad!!

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