Beauty Resolutions 2014

Don’t be shocked by the title of this post. Yes, I know we are two weeks into the new year, but the thing is, since my birthday comes on 14th of Jan, I avoid making resolutions on the 1st and make them on the 14th instead. I was planning to write this post earlier this week but was caught up with so many things, that I’m writing about it now. Anyway, here goes…

Do evening CTM routine before dinner.

You know how it is on some days, all you want to do is get into bed and crash. It is late, you are knackered and can barely change your clothes before collapsing in bed. Cleansing, toning and moisturising seem like a huge task at such times. My resolution this year, is to do my night-time skincare routine a bit early, before dinner (weekdays I usually have an early dinner with the boys) so that being tired and exhausted by bedtime is not an excuse to avoid it. As an added advantage, the product stays on the skin for longer and thus is more beneficial!

Take Anti-Aging products more seriously

Now that I’m exactly mid-way to my 40s, I really need to look into anti-aging skincare seriously. Thankfully, nature has blessed me with pretty decent genes so I haven’t needed to start anti-aging products yet but now I feel I better not take the genes for granted. Yes, I do use anti-aging masks but I am certainly not regular with those. Sometimes weeks go by without the use of a mask so I’m going to now introduce a serum / face oil into my regime.

Make time for exercise

Yes, this is a beauty resolution because exercise improves blood circulation and thus extremely good for skin and hair. My day starts early and ends late and yet I find that I have no time for exercise. It is simply a case of bad time management (my time management is disastrous) so I need to juggle my routine a bit and squeeze in 40 minutes of yoga somewhere. I have done yoga for two years and I know just how wonderful it makes my hair and skin. Not to mention the wonders it does to my body and stamina.

Wear more makeup

This one might seem a little strange, but the fact is that on a daily basis, I wear hardly any makeup! All I have on usually is liner / kajal and tinted lipbalm. While going out, it would generally be the Shiseido powder foundation, liner and lipstick.A huge number of products in my stash lie barely used and my target is to wear a bit more makeup (foundation, blush, eyeshadows) when going out.
And lastly, the most important one…..

Go for Cruelty-free beauty

This one is going to be the most difficult of all! While browsing online, I realised that a lot of my favourite beauty brands are not cruelty free. I also saw certain images of animals that were subjected to testing of various products and it was stomach churning. That was when I decided that I would go totally cruelty free in my beauty. It will be heart breaking, not buying products from some of my favourite brands, but not as heart-breaking as knowing that I’m prettifying myself at the cost of some helpless little creatures. Even if I don’t manage to stick to the other beauty resolutions, this is one beauty resolution I will not break.
Cruelty free skin and hair care is relatively easy to find in India. Colour cosmetics are not. But I will manage to find some wonderful products from international brands that do not harm our little friends. Of course, the stuff I have already bought, I might use up or give them away. And if I do review those, I will definitely mention the brand’s animal-testing policy. Once those are done with, will be a CRUELTY-FREE beauty blog. is a website that gives a comprehensive list of brands that are cruelty free (though not many Indian brands have submitted their names there).
So, those were my beauty resolutions. What are yours? I welcome your views and opinions on my going cruelty-free.

13 Replies to “Beauty Resolutions 2014”

  1. I NEVER EVER do CTM because like you stated I am usually too tired for those fancy stuff when all I need is some sleep….good idea,will do it before dinner.

  2. Meghamadhulika says: Reply


  3. Hi, I am your new follower:).
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  4. loved your resolutions dear … <3

  5. Srishty Grover says: Reply

    awesome resolutions! 🙂 In india, it is indeed difficult to get cruelty-free color consmetics. one name that i can think of is lotus, even colorbar claims to be cruelty-free, oriflame?

  6. Beauty Frontline says: Reply

    Beautifully written dear!! I’m up with cruelty free brands 🙂

  7. Cosmochics says: Reply

    Lovely though Dollie! I too appreciate cruelty free brands! 🙂

  8. I know it’s tough. I haven’t yet started the yoga ;p . And as for the cosmetics, I like the challenge of finding good cruelty free brands.

  9. I need to incorporate exercising in my routine as well and cruelty free makeup, I wish the same but most of the brands that we try they aren’t, it gets harder that way! Hope you stick to the resolutions. Hoping the same for me too.:D

  10. Oh! Whats ur blog? Will surely check out ur post 🙂

  11. Meghamadhulika says: Reply

    i guess when it comes to beauty, we all think the same…..even i discussed the same in my last post. Strange naaa…:-)

  12. Haha..I love buying makeup but barely use it 😉

  13. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    Well I think I need to take all these resolutions too, even wearing more makeup, I wear no makeup at all on daily basis
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