Contents of the Glam Guru Beauty Box

I have been reading about international beauty boxes on my friend Renu’s blog, I was successfully resisting the temptation to order them..till last month, when I finally caved in and ordered the Glam Guru Beauty Box. This is an Israel based company that offers around 6 beauty boxes each year. The best part about them is that you can request them to customise your box (it comes in a bag actually) according to your requirements. Read on to know what I got in my………

Contents of the Glam Guru Beauty Box

Glam Guru: Beauty Box from Israel

This is actually a zippered pouch, transparent on one side so you can see the contents. Inside the pouch, there was a lot of paper shredding to keep the contents intact. And the whole thing was then wrapped up in tonnes of bubble wrap and then boxed.

Jasmin Natural Care Perfume Oil Extract in Amber

Jasmin Natural Care Perfume Oil extract in GlamGuru beauty box
Renu said that she loved the perfume oil extract and that it lasted really well too. So of course, how could I not request for that? And she was absolutely right. This perfume oil in the fragrace Amber, smells fantastic. In fact, my aunt recently got me a perfume cream from Dubai that smells identical to this. Since I like the fragrance so much, I’m looking forward to using both of them. This Jasmin (that’s the brand name) perfume oil extract seems to be a full-sized product since it is 30ml and in a glass bottle.

Payot Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Payot Les Correctrices Anti-wrinkle cream in Glam Guru box
The people at Glam Guru got my box request mixed up and sent me some different products than the one I had asked for. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to trying out this anti-wrinkle cream.

Elin Bianco Treatment Mask

Elin Bianco Treatment Mask in Glam Guru beauty box
Ok, to be very honest, I requested for this hair mask only because the jar is sooo cute! Pale pink, pyramidal shaped jar which contains a hair mask that is enriched with vitamin-rich oils and extracts to add softness and moisture to dry, damaged hair. I have a feeling that I’m gonna like this….a lot 😉

Faran Natural Face Serum Anti-Aging

Faran Natural Face Serum Anti Aging in Glam Guru beauty box
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 80% of those are from organic farming!!! WOW! And since this is an oil, you need just a couple of drops for the entire face so this 5ml sample is surely going to last me at least a couple of weeks.

Faran Face Cleansing Gel Stimulating

Faran face cleansing gel stimulating in Glam Guru beauty box
I used this cleanser last night and it was instant love! It is slightly tingly and really made me feel so fresh. Cleaned my skin very well too; I had was wearing BB cream and liner and this removed all traces of it so gently. Didn’t make my skin feel dry or tight either. <3

Maybelline ColorRama Nail Polish

Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish
There is no shade name or number on this polish. Everything on it, except for the name, is written in Hebrew. The colour is a beautiful dark orange, very similar to the LA Splash polish I got in my December FabBag.
And finally………………….

Konjac Sponge

Konjac sponge in Glam Guru beauty bag
I have already bought one of these sponges from Renu’s surplus stock and it is really nice and soft. I have got some breakouts after I started using this but I think that is just my skin purging out the toxins.
Glam Guru’s customer care is really good. I had actually asked for the black Konjac which is for acne-prone skin but they sent the white one. Also, the bag I had asked for had Senscience and San Francisco Soap Company products in it. When I told them about this mistake, they immediately told me they would send me the black Konjac and Senscience though they were out of stock with the San Francisco Soap Company. Isn’t that wonderful?
The Glam Guru Beauty Box costs approximately Rs. 1800 inclusive of shipping to India. Totally worth it, dont you think? I am looking forward to ordering more boxes from them. Thanks Renu, for introducing Glam Guru to us 🙂

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  1. Do you use Google Chrome as your browser, Jennifer? Chrome has the option of translating the pages. I haven’t checkout the site in recent days so I don’t know what new boxes they have. You could email them at
    If you’re looking for Korean skincare, I’d highly recommend Memebox. Check out my posts on those.

  2. Hi. Trying to check how it works on their website. Failing miserably as it’s in Hebrew. do they have a English
    Website. Wanted to know more about theirconcept. Thanks Jennifer

  3. Krithi Marla says: Reply

    Nice products

  4. Cosmochics says: Reply

    Lovely products! M tempted!

  5. I really liked them too 🙂

  6. I agree Laura. You get to try out so many new brands this way:)

  7. Gonna try the hair mask today:)

  8. You got amazing stuff dear! This box is really very tempting 🙂

  9. This box or bag is really nice 🙂 I like to try new beauty boxes. Its so much fun! great post!

  10. Gal you have a wonderful choice!! All the products are so tempting 😉

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via gfc, G+ and networked blogs? Do let me know on my blog!! 🙂

  11. Jessica Dearnley says: Reply

    Lots of beautiful products!


  12. Yes…blame Renu when the credit card statement comes…lol.

  13. Have signed up to be notified when the new box launches. Will check rates n decide. But I want glossybox…the one with the beauty blender in it. Why won’t they ship to India. So unfair *pouts*

  14. Get Set Blush says: Reply spoiling people 😀
    and hey you chose some very good products dollie 🙂

  15. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Mwahahaha I fully intend to show off the January box and talk about it at length!

  16. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Yeah, I saw that. I might buy their box again next month or so. Loved the first box I bought – September – but the postage rates shot up 🙁

  17. Sahshe is getting revamped…just checked out their site.

  18. I’m really tempted…let’s see how successful I am in controlling my temptation 😉

  19. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Prachi, there’s Glamabox, Sahshe, Lip Factory and more – check out my blog under the tab “Beauty Boxes” for a full list including reviews of previous boxes.

  20. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Hehe glad you liked it! Hoping to convert you into a Lip Factory fan next!

  21. Great stuff! Can you please share which are the other brands/companies that offer beauty boxes that are shipped to India? Thanks.

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