Super Quick Wedding Guest Makeup

There are times when I feel that if the Olympics had a race for “makeup application”, the winner would most certainly be a mother. Probably a mother of two (or more) kids of which one is below the age of four. This is simply because, as a mother, you learn to do things super quick, like eating (gobbling would be a better word), bathing and of course, applying makeup. *All those who aren’t moms, please don’t panic. It isn’t always that bad. Once the kids cross the age of 4, they pretty much give you time to do your own things. Unless you have a daughter, in which case she will probably want to apply everything that you apply…*

So, when I came back from my holiday in December, I had to attend a wedding and I had just one hour to shower and shampoo, do my makeup, wear my jewelry and the most time-consuming of all, drape a sari! Here are the pics from the wedding.

Super Quick Wedding Guest Makeup

 Please excuse the blurry pics. They were taken on the phone. I had to post those because the photographer hasn’t sent his official pics yet. Also, for some reason that I can’t figure out, the lipstick has come out really light in the pics where as I was wearing the bold and bright MAC So Chaud.
Anyway, these are the products I wore…
products used for wedding makeup
* Lancome Star Bronzer in Bronze Solaire
* Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow Quad
* Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in Black
So, super quick step-by-step instructions….
* Blend MAC and Chanel foundations on the back of the hand to get the right shade (NC42 is somehow a bit dark on me and Chanel doesn’t give high coverage so I need to blend) and apply on face with finger tips. Finding and selecting brushes etc is too time-consuming and we are in a hurry, remember?
* Apply the shimmery, orangish-gold shade from the Lancome palette on the eyelid upto the crease. I had bought two of these Lancome travel sets from strawberrynet last year. The set had this palette, the bronzer and one juicy tube. One set was the prize of my first giveaway and this is the other set.
* Apply the dark brow shade from the palette on the outer corners and crease. Pat lightly with fingertips, it will blend. Trust me (might not be very neat, but it will look just fine).
* Line the upper eyelid with the gel liner (or any liner you prefer) and lightly apply the gel on the lower lash line too.
* Sweep on mascara and ….voila…your eyes are done.
* Sweep on some bronzer under the cheekbones. Since I was wearing a really bright lipstick, I didn’t want a bright blush too. Which is why I had worn just the bronzer.
* Lastly, apply So Chaud directly from the tube. No faffing around with brushes here either. And…….
You’re ready to struggle with the sari and its pleats and to change your jewelry. Thankfully, because of the weather, my makeup didn’t melt or fade and so, for the reception, all I did was remove my lipstick and apply  Bourjois Rouge Edition Fuchsia Grafitti (forgot to take pic of that).
Well, that, dear girls, is how we mommies apply makeup. No leisurely selecting brushes, no careful blending, no contouring, no false lashes…..just quick “slapstick” (pun intended) makeup. But it isn’t that bad is it?

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  1. You looking stunning !! Very nice post ….. Quick & Super!!

  2. StylethoseNails says: Reply

    lovely makeup. i like it, followed u right back on GFC 🙂

  3. Beauty Frontline says: Reply

    wow that’s quite fast and you look gorgeous dear <3

  4. Thanks Shreya. Good products help too. Lancome shadows have no fallout.

  5. Omgsh in 20 mins datz truly amazing …. your eyemakeup looks so perfect !

  6. Sony Mansoori says: Reply

    following you on gfc too

  7. Great! following you on GFC too 🙂

  8. Маргарита Рафинад says: Reply

    It’s great! I really love the post! May be you’d like to follow me back?

    Maggie from

  9. Priyanjana Roy says: Reply

    Wow! love it!! 20 minutes !
    Following you on GFC #bsp

  10. LOL. That’s how it was for me…the things motherhood teaches you :p

  11. Thank you Poorva 🙂

  12. Thanks Shikha 🙂

  13. It isn’t flawless. Thankfully, the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation gives medium to heavy coverage and makes skin look good 🙂

  14. oops, I mean cant believe!! Because when it comes to wedding makeup, 20mins are too less for me 😛

  15. Lol…my boys would love to hear that. When you have two boistrous boys, you learn to get ready super quick 😉

  16. Can believe you did this wonderful makeup in just 20min!! Soooo pretty <3

  17. My my .You are a NINJA dear . .:P I can never get ready for a wedding that fast 🙂 #BSP

  18. Makeupmirrornme says: Reply

    Oh great you manage pretty well in 20 minutes. Your face is looking flawless and glowing, lovely 🙂

  19. you look beautiful Dollie 🙂

  20. lovely makeup 🙂

  21. Thanks Rachna 🙂

  22. I did super fast makeup. And thanks 🙂

  23. Lol. I had all the clothes n jewelry decided n kept aside before I went for the holiday so it was easier oncw I came back. I too, need help with sari draping, esp the pleats.

  24. Thanks Pooja. I didn’t have any full length pics.

  25. rachna sharma says: Reply

    u did a great job….

  26. Srinjla Jangra says: Reply

    oh did u managed btw u look very pretty

  27. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    U look very pretty , should have posted a complete outfit pic
    Happy Monday

  28. How did you manage in a hour, that too with shower, makeup, hair and saree tying!! hats off. i take one hour to just figure out how to tie a saree. hehe

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