Contents Of My March 2014 Fabbag

Hey Shringaristas,

I got my March 2014 Fabbag today and as with each month, I have high expectations from the bag. By now everyone knows what the Fabbag is and what the price is, so without much ado, let’s see the contents…

March 2014 Fabbag with Flormar, Natio and Portico

Since March is the month for Women’s Day, the March Fabbag is supposed to be a #FABWomen Special Bag. How? Well, Your guess is as good as mine. Yes, they have been featuring women achievers on their FAB Women section but what has that got to do with the contents of the bag I really wonder. Anyway, here’s what I got in my March 2014 Fabbag:

* Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream
* Flormar Loose Powder – 04
* Portico Verbena Hydrating Body Wash
* Bonus: Pearl Drop Earrings.

Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream – Like

Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream

A new eye cream! Though I really wonder when I will ever get around to using this. My Shiseido eye cream is not even half over yet and I’ve been using it since almost 11 months!!! And I have a full bottle of Lancome Genifique Yeux waiting to be opened so this cream will probably get used only when I travel.

Natio is an Australian, plant based, beauty care range. This Ageless Brightening Eye Cream has Aloe, Rosehip oil, hazelnut oil, shea butter, lavender oil etc. BUT, it also has parabens 🙁 . The full sized (20ml) tube is priced at Rs. 1130 and Fabbag has sent us a very generous 10ml sample.

Flormar Loose Powder – 04 – Super Like

Flormar Loose Powder in Fabbag

This is the best product in the March Fabbag. I had got a Flormar Deluxe Shine lipstick in one of my Vellvette bags and I really liked it. This powder is an exact match for my skin tone and when I swatched it on my hand, felt very smooth and silky and gave a matte look to my skin for almost 3 hours. The puff looks very cute and I don’t feel like using it.

I think this box is a full-sized product but can’t be sure coz the product card mentions the price of the full size as Rs. 1200 but doesn’t mention the quantity.

Portico Verbena Hydrating Body Wash – Dislike

Portico Verbena Body Wash

What is it with luxury hotels and Verbena? Almost all of them have Verbena toiletries in their bathrooms. I guess it is a safe option because Verbena is a unisex fragrance. My favourite is the Aloe and Neem range that Forest Essentials does exclusively for the Taj hotels. Anyway, Portico, besides doing bed and bath linens (I love their towels….so thick and soft) also have an exclusive bath range for the Hyatt hotels.

This Verbena body wash seems like an extra stock from their old range since it isn’t to be seen anywhere on the Portico website. Also, the fragrance is nothing very excting, just a very generic, synthetic citrus-y fragrance. The Agraria toiletries at Intercontinental hotels are also Verbena but they smell so much nicer. This 50 ml bottle is their full sized and is priced at Rs. 250!!! Puhleeeze….gimme a break.

So, with two Likes and one Dislike, it is overall quite a nice bag. I wouldn’t compare it with international bags that send 5-6 full sized products because there is a huge difference in price between the two. For approximately Rs. 450 per month (coz I have a 6 month sub), the bag is quite ok. Yes, it can be much better. If someone from Fabbag is reading this, please take note of my request. Please look into getting French pharmacy brands (they are so effective), Korean, Japanese and Israeli brands. Pretty please.

17 Replies to “Contents Of My March 2014 Fabbag”

  1. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters says: Reply

    Fab bag looks nice but not great .. really want some good monthly bags services in India.. :P.

  2. For me the ‘fab bag excitement’ got over after the first 3 months : . Loved those Pearl Drop Earrings. 🙂

  3. The powder is good too. I feel they have selective hearing, they just hear all the praises that some people lavish on them, but not the complaints…

  4. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    Except for the eye cream, this seems to be just like an okay okay bag…I am hon honestly bored of them not listening & they are repeatedly sending very boring nd not at all high end products 🙁

  5. Avantika Dhir says: Reply

    They are supposed to be giving luxury brands as samples..earrings? Don’t get it.. I personally feel that the concept of luxury sampling has been exploited by these Companies..I tried them but the brands portrayed as ‘luxury’ disappointed me..

  6. The powder and eye cream are nice.

  7. I didn’t find the the contents that great to be honest.

  8. There are several international beauty boxes which deliver to India. Lip factory is one of them and so is Glam Guru. you can check out Renu has researched and ordered loads of them.

  9. That is terrible. You have paid for that bag and they should re-ship it. I think I still have 4 months left in my subscription and I hope that they get their act together and improve.

  10. The shiseido eye cream is very rich and hydrating. Doesnt really help with dark circles or existing wrinkles but I havent seen any new fine lines form after I’ve started using it. the ones I already had havent gone, but nothing short of botox would do that :p

  11. Revathy HealthnBeauty says: Reply

    on a totally different note.. howz the shiseido eye cream.. does it help with dark circles n fine lines around the eye…. (i really don’t care abt the fab bag anymore.. had horrible service n expired pdts quite a handful of times)

  12. I Agree with you that fab bag is quite ok and cannot be compared with international bags due to the price factor, for the longest time,I thought the same
    but rational thoughts aside, they have the worst customer service. They would send you sugar wrapped emails but they are actually like ”IDGAF about your preferences or when you recieve your bag’

    I didn’t recieved my february bag because I missed it and they did not reshipped it.
    now I requested them to send my bags in the first batch, but they still have not even shipped mine and all the curiosity is gone after seeing other’s bags.will not subscribe again.

  13. you mentioned that an international fab-bag was better. Can you tell me where you’ve ordered those from?

  14. Hey this time its nice otherwise they always send useless products..Nice review..

  15. Nice products and the bag looks too cute…:-)

  16. Swati Hegde says: Reply

    My bag should be arriving tomorrow…. but I’m not very excited seeing your products. The eye cream would be useful, but I don’t want the loose powder or the body wash if it doesn’t smell too good.
    Another subscriber got a moisturising conditioner – hope that’s what I get! 🙂

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