What’s In My April 2014 FabBag?

Looks like the folks at FabBag wanted our bags to reach us in time for Easter this month. This year, I got my bag one week earlier than usual! I’m sure by now you all know what the FabBag is but in case you’ve been living under a rock, FabBag is a monthly beauty subscription bag that was known as Vellvette in it’s earlier avatar. Anyway, I’m sure you want to know what I got in my bag this month. Here are the contents……

Contents of my April 2014 Fabbag including Sally Hansen, Beauty UK and Za.

Before I move on to the contents, let me speak about the bag. The material and quality of the bag this month is far better than the previous ones, though the size and shape remains the same. The red fabric is different with the design appliqued in velvet. Quite chic!

Here’s what I got:

Contents of April 2014 Fabbag

Beauty UK Blush and Brush in Capital Pink (Full size product – price Rs. 550)

Beauty UK blush in Capital Pink in April 2014 Fabbag

I had got a Beauty Uk eyeshadow palette in my September Vellvette bag (read about it here) and can you believe it, I still haven’t even tried it out?? Beauty UK isn’t really my kind of brand and this blush is a really bright, strawberry pink colour. I haven’t swatched it yet so can’t comment on the pigmentation though at first glance, it appears very pigmented and matte.

Za by Shiseido True White Day Cream (5gm sample. Full sized product of 40gm- price Rs. 999).

Za by Shiseido in April 2014 Fabbag

I do not like / use “whitening” creams. I’m quite happy with my medium-tan skin tone and while I want to get rid of the acne marks and make my skintone appear more unified and brighter, I certainly dont want a “White” face. Imagine a face that’s 4-5 shades fairer than the neck and the rest of the body….
I will try this sample out and see if it does anything for the deep, dark acne marks on my face though.

Anyway, I’m quite sure this brand ZA was launched in 2004/5. I clearly remember going to buy the Ponds Dermabrasion kit and seeing this new brand. The SA said that it was an economy brand from Shiseido and the product packaging also mentioned “Made at the Shiseido factory, Japan”. I simply can’t remember the brand name but I had bought the moisturiser coz at that time I was using the Shiseido Pureness Range and was very happy with it. The Shiseido name on the box made me buy it. The moisturiser however, was quite a dud and that brand was discontinued as quietly as it was launched. Wish I could remember the brand name.

Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute (Full size product – Price Rs. 925)

Sally Hansen Pedicure In a Minute in April 2014 Fabbag

The winning product! It is a foot scrub and foot cream in one tube and claims to make your feet smoother, softer and more nourished. I’ve used it just once and was immediately bowled over. And this is a full sized product!!! It deserves a detailed review and I shall do that soon.

So, that’s what was in my April 2014 Fabbag. While I’m not very thrilled about the Beauty UK blush and the Za Day Cream, it’s love at first use for the Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute. And to be honest, this month’s bag is really good value for money. What did you get in your Fabbag???

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17 Replies to “What’s In My April 2014 FabBag?”

  1. Swati Hegde says: Reply

    I think everyone received the Sally Hansen pedicure kit this time! Glad I didn’t get the fairness cream – it would have gone straight to the dustbin.
    I did like this month’s bag. Check out my review here: http://geekie-chic.blogspot.com/2014/04/whats-in-my-fab-bag-april-2014.html

  2. wow nice stuff you have got this time

  3. I haven’t yet tried the blush, but I loved the pedi scrub.

  4. The bag is much better in terms of quality than the previous ones.

  5. Yea, quite nice 🙂

  6. The blush is a little too bright. Will have to see how it looks on me 🙂

  7. Sure. I think the sample should last me a week and then I’ll review it.

  8. Yea, quite decent stuff this time….I still have a few months before my subscription gets over so I’m hoping they keep improving.

  9. Loved the review. Also would request you to review The Body Shop products as I found them awesome. To know more about the product line you can visit: http://www.thebodyshop.in

  10. Can see some great stuffs in your fab bag 🙂 Lovely pics 🙂

  11. Hetal Shah says: Reply

    Nice Stuff.. currently eyeing on newly launched Za Products, Looking forward to see review from you hun! Do it soon 🙂

  12. Naomi Ganzu says: Reply

    Nice stuff! I will subscribe to it for the next month 🙂

  13. Beauty Frontline says: Reply

    Blush shade looks pretty, nice stuff 🙂

  14. u got cool stuff !

  15. not bad! n the bag does look pretty 🙂

  16. I got the same products ! I Loved the pedicure scrub and the blush

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