Contents Of My May 2014 FabBag

After two international beauty boxes, one disappointing (A Beautiful World – review here) and one fabulous (Memebox from Nature – review here), it is now time for our very own, home grown beauty bag, FabBag (Vellvette in it’s earlier avatar). The FabBag is a bag that has been see-sawing up and down in terms of consistency with some bags having really nice stuff and some bags being down right disappointing (click here to read about my previous FabBags and here to read about Vellvette boxes). This month’s bag, however, was really good with a nice mix of products.

Before we compare the number of products in the FabBag with those in the international boxes, let’s remember that the FabBag is also priced much, much lower than these boxes. While the normal price of the FabBag is Rs. 599, the three months / six months / annual packages work out much cheaper. I have the six month subscription and my bag comes to Rs. 449 per month.

Here are the contents of my May 2014 FabBag:

Contents of my May 2014 FabBag

The May 2014 FabBag is all about Summer essentials and the products are ones that would help us girls stay pretty in the summer heat. In my bag, I got:

* Avene Cleanance Masque (10ml)
* Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment (30ml)
* LA Splash Proof Eyeshadow Base (9ml)
* Bonus – Max Factor Lasting Colour Collections Lipstick in English Rose (mini tube)

May 2014 Fabbag product card

Take a look at each product…

Avene Cleanance Masque

Avene Cleanance Masque in May 2014 Fabbag

Isn’t it ironic that it took an international box costing close to Rs. 4000 with 10-15ml samples, to make me appreciate a domestic box costing Rs. 449 with a sample of the same size? Anyway, Avene is a French pharmacy brand and one that I’ve been wanting to try since quite some time. I’ve heard good things about the Cleanance range and look forward to trying it out. Considering the number of mask sheets I’ve bought/received recently, I’m glad that this one is a cream Masque/scrub and not a sheet mask.

Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Intensive Treatment

Redken Diamond Oil Treatment in May 2014 FabBag

There’s no product card for this 30 ml sample. The Diamond Oil Deep Facets  Treatment is “an oil enriched intensive treatment for dull/damaged hair” and is paraben and mineral oil-free and a decent size to try out and see if it’s worth repurchasing. My sun-and-sea-water-fried-and-frizzled hair have a nice selection of pampering treatments to choose from with this and the hair masks in my Meme box and the Yves Rocher oil I bought and the Argan Dew samples I’ve received. N-I-C-E.

LA Splash Proof Eyeshadow Base

LA Splash Proof Eyeshadow Base in May 2014 FabBag

This is a full sized product and I think my fifth from LA Splash. The first was the black-with-blue-microshimmer eyeliner (liked) in my June Bag, then the LA Splash mascara (haven’t used yet) in the July bag followed by the nail polish (Ok-ish) in my december bag. Then, my Lip Factory box had a Chubby twist lip crayon (liked) from LA Splash and now this eyeshadow base.

Eyeshadow bases/primers make the colours of the eyeshadow appear more intense and make them last longer. I don’t even use a primer for my face though I have the Tea Tree primer from The Body Shop waiting to be used as well as a sample of Lancome’s La Base Pro. I swatched this primer on my hand and it goes on clear and yes, it does make the eyeshadow colour look more intense as opposed to without. I’ll use this in my next makeup look and see how it performs.

Max Factor Lasting Colour Collections Lipstick in English Rose

Max Factor English Rose Lipstick In May 2014 Fabbag

Somehow, Max Factor products have never really tempted me. Don’t know why, there’s no specific reason but I simply don’t feel tempted to even browse their products when I’m out shopping. I head straight to Bourjois instead. This mini lipstick looks quite cute but the shade is a frosty pink that reminds me of the lipstick my aunt (who’s four shades fairer than me) used to wear in the 80s and 90s. I’ll probably just gift this to someone on whom it will look nice.

Soooo, to put it in a nutshell, I really like the products I’ve received in my May 2014 FabBag. Except for the lipstick whose shade I didn’t like (that’s a bonus product anyway) all the other three products seem really good. And decently sized too! If you haven’t bought your May FabBag, go buy it…it’s really nice 🙂

Ok, time to celebrate the Mumbai Indian’s win against the Rajasthan Royals. Hubby and elder son are at the stadium (in the VIP box, no less) screaming themselves hoarse and basically having a blast. “Impossible is just another word.” – Ravi Shastri

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  1. Yes, the products this time are really nice 🙂

  2. tried these kind of sample box once and didn’t enjoy it much so now other sample box don’t interest me much. This looks nice though (:.

  3. Besides the frosty lipstick, everything else is really nice. I’m so glad they’ve upped the ante this month 🙂

  4. Cosmochics says: Reply

    yes…Frosty lipsticks can be a tough task ! Lovely products and the bag looks worth every penny! superlike!

  5. Yes, they have 🙂 . I’ll definitely review the eyeshadow base once I’ve given it a decent trial.

  6. manpreet khurana says: Reply

    I think They’ve done quite well this time, I am waiting for your review on the LA splash eye shadow base! 😀

  7. Yup, it looks nice. I’m looking forward to trying it out 🙂

  8. nice products.. I like that it includes the LA splash eyeshadow base.. !

  9. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I think they did a really good job by givei g all summer essentials 🙂
    Last day to enter my Blackfive giveaway and win gift card with $30-100


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