Memebox From Nature – Unboxing And Contents

After quite a disappointing international box yesterday, here’s another international box that has almost all full sized products and is great value for money. For this box too, the credit (my wallet would prefer the word blame…lol) goes to Renu of since she is the one who has “discovered” Meme boxes and tempted us with the contents of the ones she has ordered.

“Memebox from Nature is is a box full of carefully selected products that only contain ingredients from the nature.” Here’s what I got in my box.
      Contents of my Memebox from Nature
Please pardon the shadows in the pictures. The boys were just not ready to sleep though they were exhausted after watching the match at the stadium and celebrating Mumbai Indians’ win. I had to quickly take the pics without thinking about the lighting, background etc.
Anyway, coming back to the box, it contained:
* SN-T Goddess Cream 50ml ($19)
* Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Mask 27g x 2 ($6)
* Lanoa Natural Soap – Sulfur 100g ($17)
* Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract Ampoule 10ml ($20)
* Swanicoco Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling 100ml ($25)
* Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System 25g x 2 (price not mentioned)


Notice the quantities of each product as compared with the 10ml/15ml of A Beautiful World’s sampler box?  And the Memebox box costs $39 and I had got some points for joining. With the shipping, the box cost me approx $42 which is around ₹2500. Again, see the difference with ABW??
Well, here are the products:
SN-T Goddess Cream
     SN-T Goddess Cream in my Memebox from Nature
This cream has stem cells from the Yew tree and is supposed to hydrate, revitalise and sooth troubled skin. Though it says cream, this is actually a very lightweight gel-creme that’s more gel than creme. While I don’t really believe that plant stem cells can do much for human skin, especially since it’s only applied externally, the texture is lovely and I’m looking forward to using this.
Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Mask
      Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Mask
It’s rainin masks, hallelujah… I have so many sheet masks lined up now to try out! This one’s packed with tea tree leaf extracts, aloe vera and patented golden larch bark extracts and claims to hydrate, calm, repair and clarify the skin and enhance the skin’s healing capability. Interesting.
Lanoa Natural Soap – Sulfur
      Lanoa Natural Soap - Sulfur in my Memebox from Nature
This all natural soap bar is made from sulfur, shea butter, chamomile and lavender concentrations which are extremely gentle and effective for caring sensitive skin with a low level of elasticity and immunity.
I don’t think my skin is sensitive but yes, it is more prone to breakouts these days than it used to be. Let’s see how this one soap helps…
Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract Ampoule 
     Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract from my Memebox from Nature
Propolis is a natural ingredient extracted only in small quantities from bee hives. A single drop of this extract is said to deeply hydrate and give the skin a youthful glow. It also claims to create a barrier on the top layer of the skin to maintain a healthy balance of moisture and nutrition within. Sounds wonderful. Hope it performs too.
Swanicoco Cell Emotion Gommage Peeling
      Swanicoco Cell Emotion Gommage Peeling in my Memebox from Nature
This scrub/peel has snail mucus extract (the slime that the snail leaves behind). Now that sounds really gross and and puts me off from even trying it. However, it claims to be a non-toxic peeling gel that gently yet thoroughly removes all blackheads, dead skin cells and residues in the pores without irritating sensitive skin. The snail mucus extract soothes and nourishes the skin and brings back the glow.
Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System
      Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System in my Memebox from Nature
Finally something for the hair! The product’s outer carton as well as the tubes have nothing nothing written on them in English. The only information is what’s given in the product card and from that, these appear to be hair masks. Providing delicate care for both hair and scalp, this product is enriched with high concentrates of protein amino acid which effectively soothes damaged hair and gives deep nourishment. The combination of 11different kinds of oriental medicine extracts, argan oil, jojoba oil and camellia oil create a protective barrier over the hair. Can’t wait to try these out on my fried and frizzled hair.
You know, I actually feel like showing this Memebox to the people at A Beautiful World and telling them “Look, this is what a beauty box should be like”. Actually, loads of “beauty boxes” need to learn a lesson from Memebox. I truly loved this box but no matter how tempting the whole grains and oriental medicines boxes might be, I’m going to control myself. Because I seriously have loads of stuff to use up first.
So, what do you think of the products I got in my Memebox from Nature?                            

16 Replies to “Memebox From Nature – Unboxing And Contents”

  1. You must try out Memebox. I want to order three more but trying to practice restraint since I have loads of products waiting to be used. I payed via paypal. Not too sure about debit card though.

  2. wow, nice stuff you received there in your memebox! I’ve heard so much about these! Do they except PayPal or debit card?

  3. I read up on snail mucus coz it feels so gross, and it is actually secreted from their feet. Thankfully it isn’t a nasal, or worse, anal, discharge so I think I might try it out and see if it actually does wonderous things to my skin.

  4. it truly is a wonderful box. I’m so tempted to get others but I’m going to resist.

  5. Seriously, I think I should share this link on their fb pages :p

  6. ektakhetan says: Reply

    The box looks promising unlike Indian boxes who sends almost outdated products or samples which should be actually free to people for a subscription… Using a sample shows no result n it can be very well availed at stores.. BTW I heard about snail products and how effective they are.. However I too find it gross n prefer to use a better product than these.

  7. Ok….so many raves about the snail gommage have got me convinced. Will try it out right now and just the way you’ve told me to. Thank for the suggestion Amy 🙂

  8. Amy Louise says: Reply

    You seriously have to try the snail gommage, it is truly amazing! Ignore the instructions, smear it on, leave for ten minutes, then rub off. It will turn into a kinda stiff gel that clears and exfoliates your skin. It’s incredible! I finished it off with the mask to sooth my skin.

  9. Cosmochics says: Reply

    Products sounds interesting! and look at the size! too good as compared to the other boxes available here!

  10. Judging by the fact the sparse number and not the speak of the miniscule amount of samples some Indian Beautyboxes are providing, I think this is a wonder!
    I think we need to send these boxes to the Indian samplers as a lesson. :p

  11. Joanne Mallon says: Reply

    I got this box too and whilst I wasn’t sure about it at first, right now I’ve got the hair stuff on my hair, the propolis on my face and I used the snail stuff to exfoliate this morning. It has a very weird texture – sort of like a thick cream at first, then it goes a bit stringy, but all in all it’s very gentle. It’s exactly the sort of product I like in a box – something you would never have thought to buy yourself, and maybe couldn’t get in your local shops, but interesting to use. As to how effective it is, it’s too early to say, but once you get over the grossness of the snail element it’s definitely worth a try.

  12. I know…and almost all full-sized too.

  13. I know that the snail mucus is the slime that it leaves behind…but then that would mean it’s snail poop…ewwww 🙁

  14. U got nice productsINTERESTING…

  15. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I see really nice full sizes if the products, that’s great.. The soap bar sound so luxurious
    Do enter my Blackfive giveaway and win gift card with $30-100


  16. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    I loved everything in mine. I love how chock-a-block these are with products; you’re right, EVERY beauty box should learn a lesson from them. Actually our boxes here ought to see these – you can send local brands provided you do so as generously as this instead of the mingy quantities they send out. I used up one Lanoa soap from a previous box, though on the body rather than face (scared) and it was very gentle, though it finished up in some two weeks. Oh, and the snail mucus is actually the slime and less to do with nostrils rofl. Apparently it flattens acne overnight and annihilates the scars. That would be something! (OMG sorry I wrote a mini-essay)

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