Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute Gives Soft, Moisturised Feet In AnInstant

This is the season for flaunting sandals and flipflops and for smooth, soft, moisturised feet. I love going for my monthly pedicures but in-between those appointments, there are times when you want a “touch-up” for the feet…something like an instant pedi before an important date or a night out or when you want to flaunt those strappy heels. What do you do then?

A) You rush to the salon for a pedi though you’ve had one just a fortnight ago.
B) You spend half an hour soaking your feet in hot, soapy water, scrubbing them with a foot file and moisturising them in a mini, at-home pedicure.
C) You was your feet. Rub a bit of Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute all over your feet and rinse.
If you do A or B, read on to know more about option C….
Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute

My April 2014 Fabbag had a full-sized tube of Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute. As soon as I saw it, I couldn’t wait to use it and the first impressions were really good.
Pamper your feet with a blend of natural sugar crystals, Vitamins A, C, E, Pro-Vitamin B5, olive oil and tea-tree oil. Experience smoother, softer, nourished and protected feet in just a minute. Results guaranteed!
Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute Ingredients
This foot scrub (coz that’s what it is with a fancy name) really works. It does SMOOTHEN the rough skin and moisturises it. However, it doesn’t slough off the dead skin cells the way a foot scraper does. Also the sugar granules in it don’t feel harsh on the feet and melt almost instantly once you start scrubbing. After rinsing, the oils remaining on the skin nourishes it without making the feet oily or slippery. Simply dry your feet, slip on your heels and out you go.
Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute texture
This however, is NOT a substitute for the salon pedicures where you leisurely soak your feet, have them cleaned and scrubbed and massaged…. And I’m really glad that it isn’t because I love getting pampering pedicures and some relaxing “me” time at the salon.
Like I said, it is ideal for those between-two-pedicures times when the heels of the feet start looking dry and rough. I have been using this every 3 days and my feet look great and ready for the holiday. I’m taking it with me on my holiday because I’ll certainly need it after all the walking around all day. Perhaps 3 times a week is a bit much, I’ll probably cut down to once a week once I’m back.
The Sally Hansen Pedicure In A Minute comes in a 113gm tube and is priced at Rs. 925. If you use it just once a week, it will surely last for 2-3 months, which is a really good deal.
Did you get this foot scrub in your Fabbag? What’s your take on it?

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  1. Nothing can beat the pedicures at the salons. Really relaxing!! 🙂 It seems okay. i haven’t subscribed for fab bag since ages.

  2. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    I do regular pedicures but they still tend to get dirty.. If this cream works then I am buying it.
    Keep in touch

  3. This sounds interesting..I WILL CHK THIS

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