Maybelline #Nailfie Giveaway Winners

The last few days have been an endless round of leisurely catching up with friends before the schools start on monday. That’s the reason I haven’t even written any new blog posts coz late nights, late mornings, hot, lazy summer days (when will the monsoons start???), leisurely lunches….you get the picture right?

Anyway, I had said I would declare the winners of the Maybelline #Nailfie giveaway by monday or tuesday so I’m quickly posting this before friends come over…
Winners of Maybelline Nailfie giveaway
Congratulations winners!
Send in your contact details to me soon so that I can forward them to the Maybelline team and they can send out your hampers 🙂
I’ll definitely try and post regularly soon. But there’s lots more “socialising” lined up for the week, so I don’t know if I’ll really be able to do that 😉

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  1. Anubhooti@Mesmerizing World Of says: Reply

    Oh i missed your contest… but still uploaded my nailfie and tagged you :p if some miracle happens . I believe that @crazyragzz_16’s entry is fake.Its lifted from google images 🙁 not sure whose nail art it is but is on google everywhere !

  2. congrats to the winners..

  3. kanika sharma says: Reply

    I lost it :'(

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