Debunking Some Hair Colour Myths

As you all surely know by now, I colour my hair and have been doing so since years. I didn’t start colouring my hair as a style statement, rather, I had to do it because of premature greying. (Read about how I colour my hair with Casting Creme Gloss here). There are however, several myths and false beliefs regarding the drawbacks of hair colouring. So, in this post, I’ll try to clarify certain myths that people have regarding hair colouring.
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Myth #1 – Colouring Leads To Greying Of Hair

Colouring your hair doesn’t lead to greying of hair. There have been time when I have felt that the number of grey hair on my head has increased. However, as my hairstylist explained, while the hair is coloured, you don’t realise how many hair are slowly turning grey as a natural process. When the colour fades or the roots show, that’s when you get to see the grey and you feel that the colouring is responsible for the increase in number of greys. 
Myth #2 – Colouring Will Make My Hair Look Rough And Damaged 
Perhaps this was true a couple of decades ago, when all people had to colour their hair, were harsh hair dyes that gave a very fake, harsh effect and also stripped the hair of natural moisture. Advances in science and technology and years of research in product development and ingredient efficacy has lead to gentler hair colours that not only colour the hair, but also adds moisture to it and keeps it looking glossy and healthy. 
Casting Creme Gloss is also an ammonia-free hair colour that is gentler on the hair and non-irritating for the eyes. The Nutri-shine conditioner that comes along with it is wonderful and really keeps hair soft, shining and smooth. 
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Myth #3 – Colouring Hair Is A Time Consuming And Messy Process
If you colour your hair with henna etc, then yes, this statement holds true because that is truly really messy and time consuming. Not to mention smelly too. Modern hair colours like Casting Creme Gloss have an easy to mix, non-drip formulation that is really easy to apply. And all you need is half an hour to colour your hair + shampooing time and you’re good to to. It also has a really delightful, fruity fragrance. Unlike henna, which needs to be left on for at least 3-4 hours before shampooing off. And another 3-4 days for the smell to go…
Myth #4 – You Can’t Colour Your Hair During Pregnancy
Indian Shringar Hair colour myths
When I was pregnant with my second son, I already had some grey hair. Everyone told me not to colour my hair during pregnancy, especially not with hair colours containing ammonia. I couldn’t imagine going nine months without hair colour, with my greys on display for all to see. I mean, I had my elder son’s interviews coming up, had to take him for birthday parties and loads of other social events. Call me vain if you please, but I really didn’t want to look older than my age. Pregnancy gave me a lovely glow, I didn’t want that to be overshadowed by greys.
I consulted with my gynaec (who btw, has delivered loads of celebrity babies too…and all those celebs colour their hair as well) and he said there was no harm in colouring hair once every two months in a well-ventilated room. So, that’s what I did and as you can see in this pic taken on my babymoon during the seventh month pf pregnancy, I had nice dark hair with no greys 🙂
However, if you are pregnant, please don’t do anything without consulting with your gynaec. Mine gave me the go-ahead, make sure you take permission from your doc too.
I hope this post was helpful in dispelling some of the doubts that you might have had regarding hair colouring. For more information on Casting Creme Gloss, you can check out the L’Oréal Paris website here:
Disclaimer: This post is written as part of the “Say Yes To Colour” Campaign sponsored by L’Oréal Paris India. 

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