Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3: Unboxing And Review

Son: Mama, you got new sweets? For me or for Bhai?
Me: No beta. These aren’t sweets. These are little balls that can be used as soap.
Son: For a bath?
Me: Yes
Son: I want the blue and the green one for my bath…
That’s the conversation that I had with my four year old while I was taking pictures for this review. Which product were we talking about? Read on….
I had ordered a value set of two Memeboxes, the Brightening Skincare box (reviewed here) and the Special #21 Hair & Body 3. I’ve probably bought the least number of Memeboxes, five to be exact, but I’m glad with my selection because all of them so far have got wonderful products. The reason why I bought the Hair & Body 3 was because it was described as containing products to give a head-to-toe Korean Spa experience!!!
Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3
Did the box contain all that it promised? Well, here’s what was in my Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3:
* Finco Body Toner Essence 200ml – Full size. $35
* Amini Conditioning Hair Shampoo & Rinse 30ml x 2 – Full size (huh???). $9.
* Amini Body Soap Bar 120g – Full size. $10.
* Cleosis Musk Perfume Body Mist 100ml – Full size. $28
* Shabath Hello Kitty Massage Towel 1 set -Full size. $3
* Shara Shara Dear Mademoiselle Hair Cap 15g & 5g – Full size $4
* CNKCOS Multi Cleanser Color Bean 120g – Full size. $17
Here’s a look at each product:
Finco Body Toner Essence in Memebox Hair & Body 3
Finco Body Toner Essence ingredients
My body has terribly uneven skintone with different body parts all being different shades. What makes it worse is when I get tan lines (I tan in minutes even with sunscreen) Those take ages to fade making my uneven skintone even worse. This body toner essence is supposed to brighten up and even out the skin with continuous use. Plus, it’s free of animal oil, mineral oil, paraben, benzophenon and triethanolamine. Hope it performs as impressively as it claims to. I’m gonna start using this as soon as I finish off my The Body Shop Strawberry body butter. 
Amini Conditioning Hair Shampoo & Rinse in Memebox Hair & Body 3
These are mentioned as full sized but is actually a “travel kit”. It has various organic extracts and natural essential oil. Shall be used on one of my weekend trips. 
Amini Nutrition Body Soap Bar in Memebox Hair & Body 3
This soap bar is supposed to rejuvenate the skin with its gentle and replenishing formula consisting of lavender, spicy cinnamon, peppermint and olive oil. I’m more of a shower gel person rather than soaps but the spicy cinnamon and peppermint sounds interesting. 
Cleosis Musk Perfume Body Mist
A body mist is not a product I would have expected in a box that claimed to give you a Korean spa experience. I thought they would send out a body scrub or a body mask or perhaps even a massage oil. I haven’t opened this as yet so I don’t know what the fragrance is like but it’s a body mist so it definitely won’t be very intense. 
Shabath Hello Kitty Massage Towel in Memebox Hair & Body 3
Apparently, a massage towel is a Korean bath essential. You wear the massage towel over your hand like a glove, lather soap or body wash on it and gently scrub all over the body with it to exfoliate dead cells. Shall surely try it out. 
Shara Shara Dear Mademoiselle Hair Cap in Memebox Hair & Body 3
Hair treatment and scalp essence hair cap! Yay. I’ve bought one such hair treatment from The Face Shop in Thailand but haven’t used it yet. Really looking forward to using this.
CNKCOS Multi Cleanser Color Bean In Memebox Hair & Body 3
This is the product sonny and I were talking about. Don’t those little beans look exactly like candy? So cute and innovative! 
CNKCOS Multi Cleanser Color Beans
CNKCOS multi cleanser color bean
Both boys enjoyed crushing the beans and bathing with them and wanted to have a competition to see who would crush the max number of these beans. So I quickly took away the bottle and hid it. This is going to come so handy during road trips because these beans can be used as makeup remover, facial cleanser, shampoo, body wash and hand wash. 
I think except for the tiny bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner and the body mist (but I might change my opinion once I smell it), I liked everything in this box. Yet another packed, value-for-money box from Memebox. And each week they come out with so many new ones with such unique themes!!! Which has been your favourite till now?
Don’t forget to enter the Khoobsurat Moment contest for a chance to win a hamper from L’Oreal. Check out the contest post here for details. I’m looking forward to seeing all your pretty pictures 🙂

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  1. change your template –

  2. The beans, the Finco body essence and the Hair cap are my three favourite things from the box 🙂

  3. I just received that box too and I loooove it… I’m a soap person so it made my day and the beans are fun for sure, it’s nice when I can share the items with the rest of the family.

  4. It definitely is 🙂

  5. Most of the Korean products I’ve used from the Memeboxes have turned out to be really nice. Do try out one box. I’m sure you won’t regret 🙂 I’m lusting after the cafe box but am resisting coz I have way too many products waiting to be used.

  6. How is the blue soap? I just started using the Griniff soap and don’t like it one bit. Smells like those horrid yellow soaps you get for washing clothes 🙁 I think I’ll probably throw it away and start with the Amnini one.

  7. IshtyleAwhile says: Reply

    Sounds like a very interesting box!

  8. ektakhetan says: Reply

    Lovely box.. I’m planning to get one after having read ur review. I have used few Korean products as well..some clicked, some yet to be.

  9. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    My beans turned up crushed into powder, every one of them :'( Ah well, saves me the trouble of crushing ’em? I am really liking Amini products more and more now. Wish you’d got the bright blue soap, that would have been fun 😀

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