Five Damaged Things I’d Love To Repair

We all have those things in our lives, that we love, but have unfortunately got damaged. And damaged in a way that, can’t be repaired. Here are some of the things that I’d love to repair if I got a chance…
Damaged things I'd like to repair

My Pink Churidar
damaged things I'd like to repair
Actor Kajal Agarwal’s picture for representational purpose only.
I had a gorgeous icecream pink, matka silk churidar that I loved.  I loved the design, the style, the cut, the fit, everything about it. It was the outfit I had worn the first time I met my hubby (yup, typical Indian arranged marriage setting) so my attachment for it is also on a sentimental level. I still have this dress but with age, the fabric has faded. Though I had kept it wrapped in muslin, it has got brown “age spots” on it that don’t go even on dry-cleaning. I really doubt I would fit into it after almost 12 years, but I’d really love to repair it if I could.
Hubby’s Perfume Bottle
damaged things I'd like to repair
The Dunhill Desire Blue is among hubby’s favourite fragrances and a few years ago, on his birthday, this was one of the gifts I’d given him. That evening, before going out for dinner, I was reaching out for my perfume and somehow, my hand accidently pushed this bottle from the dresser and it crashed. Not just a little damage, it was totally shattered. The only positive was that our room smelt of Desire Blue for almost a week after that.
damaged things I'd like to repair
We were best friends. Soul sisters people would say. But then, life happened. I got married and my challenges were adjusting to a new family (joint family btw) and the new responsibilities. She got a high-flying job and her challenges were her crazy schedules, travel, presentations etc. And we slowly drifted apart. Though we are still very much in touch with each other, things aren’t the same as they used to be. There is no “damage” as such, but I’d definitely love to “repair” this friendship and take it back to what it was.
My Wedgewood Blue Creamer Coffee Mug

damaged things I'd like to repair

Call me weird, but I love having coffee in my Wedgewood Blue Creamer Coffee Mugs. I know the coffee is what matters and not the mug I’m drinking it from, but drinking from this mug gives me a certain satisfaction. But it is chinaware after all and hence, prone to chipping and breaking. Out of the 6 mugs I had, only two are left. The rest chipped and broke and of course, broken chinaware can’t be repaired.

My Hair

Indian Shringar yellow sari

I had truly fabulous hair! And using the past tense for my hair really hurts me. However, pollution, chemicals, heat, childbirth, invariably causes damage to the hair. How I wish I could repair that damage……..

But hey, damaged hair CAN be repaired. I’m going to be taking the “Road to Reconstruction” to repair my damaged hair. Stay tuned to know more 😉

Disclaimer: This post is written as part of the “RepairInside” campaign sponsored by Matrix.

5 Replies to “Five Damaged Things I’d Love To Repair”

  1. I know. Everyone is caught up in their lives and routines 🙁

  2. Your post resonates so much with me. I have a similar feelings towards my girl friends … no damage but I’d like to be close by and have a healthy relationship like before! beautiful post <3

  3. It’s heart breaking when friends drift apart 🙁 and we are just left with good memories. I sometimes wish that I could spend time with them just like we used to but it’s so difficult considering everyone’e various schedule.

  4. Great Read Dear 🙂 .. I too have few friends I wish I could repair .
    In Love with your last pic <3

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