RAW Pressery One Day Juice Cleanse – A Nutritious Way To Detox

Those of you following me on Facebook and Instagram would have seen the pictures of various juice bottles I posted on Monday. Well, I was doing a One Day Juice Cleanse with juices from RAW Pressery, which means that the whole day, I had to have nothing but 6 bottles of their juice blends (and water of course). I got loads of queries asking for details on this Juice Cleanse so in this post, I’m going to share all the details with you…..

Raw Pressery One Day Juice Cleanse

About RAW Pressery

“RAW Pressery is India’s first cold-pressed juice brand that brings to you daily juices the way nature intended them to be. Cold-pressed juices are tons healthier as they produce easy-to-absorb vitamins, proteins, minerals and enzymes allowing your body to get more than it’s daily need of nourishment from a single bottle of juice and thanks to this technology, none of our juices contain even water! Cold press technology uses neither heat nor air during juice extraction so more nutrients can be retained for longer.”
Besides offering cold-pressed juices, RAW Pressery also offers RAW Cleanse, a program designed by their expert nutritionists to replace solid foods and nourish you with your daily requirements of living enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. The cleanses give the body the new beginning that it needs. You can choose between a 1-Day, 2-Day or 3-Day cleanse. The RAW Cleanse seemed like a really good way to detox the body without depriving it of necessary nutrients so I decided to go in for a 1-Day cleanse.
The One Day Juice Cleanse consists of 6 bottles (413ml each) of various juice blends that have to be take at regular two and half hour intervals. Each juice has to be consumed at a specific time so as to aid the body in it’s natural functions as well as deliver it the maximum nutrients at the time when they are required. The six bottles fresh cold-pressed juice were delivered to me early in the morning (6:40am to be precise) on the day of the cleanse.
Here’s the Cleanse Time Table:


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse Trim
“Packed with more veggies than you want to eat, TRIM will get you Alkalized and Energized. The king of Superfoods, KALE is nature’s gift for those looking to be Clean and Green.”
Kale, Spinach, Doodhi, Amala….the first juice of the day couldn’t have seemed more unappealing. But as they say, never judge a book by the cover, This juice, surprisingly, tasted SO GOOD! Even my younger son who tasted it, wanted to have more of it. The green apple, ginger and lemon add a yummy zing to this juice and it helps you start the day with a burst of vitamins and energy.

11:30AM – RUN

Rawpressery Juice Cleanse RUN
“Powered with Omega 3, Potassium, anti-oxidants and rich soluble fibre, the floating CHIA seeds are truly a superfood. This bottle of “Run” is your coolest anti-inflammatory agent. It takes care of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and also peps you up.”
The main thing I was worried about when doing this juice cleanse were my coffee cravings. I need my morning and evening coffee to power me for my hectic days and yes, I do get headaches if I don’t get my coffee. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen during the Cleanse. Though I didn’t have coffee, I felt fresh. And no headache either.
“RUN” tasted absolutely yummy (I had it in the car after while fetching younger son from school) and I love the feel of Chia seeds as they slip down the throat. Yes, these are the same seeds used in Falooda.


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse FLUSH
“Don’t we all wish we could just press reset and detox our overused liver? FLUSH is your Genie in a bottle. It will purify your blood, fulfil your daily requirement of Vitamin A and lower your blood pressure. It should have starred in every Hangover movie.”
D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Oh yes, and cleansing too. This as well as the morning TRIM. Let’s just say that they both got me running to the loo. The addition of ginger gave the juice a nice zing as well as satisfied, to a certain extent, my need for something “chatpata” because, honestly, how many sweet juices can you take?


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse Shield
“Super low in calories and super high in soluble fibre, TANGERINES are a super way to add some sunshine to your day. This stress-busting and anti-aging bodyguard-of-a-juice is loaded with Vitamin C to help fight allergies and common colds. Healthy just got tasty.”
What really impressed me about this juice cleanse, besides the fact that each juice delivered a mega booster shot of certain vitamins and minerals, is the fact that you don’t feel hungry. Yes, absolutely no hunger pangs. And that’s because you are giving your body nourishment at regular intervals. I did feel the desire to munch and chew something but that’s only because of our “habit” of eating and not out of any hunger. I downed SHIELD just before taking son for Karate class but despite being on my toes all day and not having coffee, I didn’t feel low on energy.


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse GLOW
“The largest organ in your body is your SKIN and GLOW is it’s best friend. Cucumber cools it, Aloe Vera heals it and Coconut Water hydrates it. If you had to make a skin cream, what else would you use?”
Now, this is when monotony of the liquid diet began to set in. Dinner time for kids and me and I really wanted to eat something. Preferably something crunchy and spicy. But I controlled the urge and almost forced myself to have this juice. Probably that’s why I liked this juice the least of all. However, I’m really impressed with the time table. It’s so nice to have a juice that cools you after a long day of work. For most of us, this would be the time we return home after a long, hot commute and these cooling ingredients are just what the body needs.


Raw Pressery Juice Cleanse BUILD
“Almond milk is one of the best sources of Good-For-You fats and proteins. BUILD loads you with Vitamin E for boosting brain power, kicks up your metabolism and this serving can even help lower cholesterol. Easily the healthiest DESSERT you’re gonna find in a bottle.”
I would have prefered to have this in the morning. You know, metabolism boosting, putting the brain into gear, that’s what you need at the start of the day. But anyway, this “juice” was lovely. They have aptly called it a dessert in a bottle because it tasted like the liquid version of BADAM KATLI. It has just the right amount of sweetness and takes care of the night-time dessert craving.

My Thoughts

We Indians are no strangers to fasting as a means of detoxing our bodies. What I loved about the RAW Pressery Juice Cleanse is that while it detoxes and cleans the body, it also fuels it with the right amount of nourishment so that you don’t end up feeling deprived. Not once during the entire busy day did I feel hungry and surprisingly, nor did I crave coffee. Yes, I did have some moments of boredom at 7pm when I wanted to “EAT” but that wasn’t because I was hungry but because my jaws and teeth wanted some exercise.
It is advisable to take things slow when doing the cleanse but I had unavoidable stuff and my day was as hectic as it usually is. And yet, I felt energetic and fresh. The next morning too, there was no “weakness” that usually follows a day of fasting and I did feel quite good. While RAW Pressery recommends doing the cleanse once a week, I think I can definitely commit to a once-a-month cleanse.

Price and Availability

The 1-Day cleanse is priced at Rs. 1500. You get 6 bottles of juice like the ones I got and they are delivered on the day of the cleanse itself.
Besides the cleanse, they also have other packages that you can sign up for if you’d like to make fresh, cold-pressed juice a part of your regular diet. RAW Pressery home delivers to all of Mumbai, Thane and Pune and are also stocked at several retail stores including Nature’s Basket and FoodHall. They plan to start deliveries in Delhi and other cities in India from early 2015.
For more information on their juices, packages and the RAW Cleanse, you can check out their social media pages:
So, are you tempted to try out a Juice Cleanse? Which of the above juices seem most appealing to you?

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  1. Not too long now. We’re in October already 😉

  2. They have a nice variety of juices. For the cleanse, you have to take these only and in this particular order.

  3. Guess that would be early 2015.

  4. One day is doable. The three day cleanse would be a bit difficult.

  5. CAn’t wait for 2015!

  6. Revathy HnB says: Reply

    hv heard abt raw pressery before… think hv spotted them in nature’s basket too…. being a non-vrat material tat i am this cud be a good option to fast as well as cleanse this navratri.. lemme see if i can give this a go 😀

  7. M waiting for it launch in bangalore 🙂

  8. I would love to take up 1 day challenge once they start delivering in delhi 😀

  9. You should start weekly cleanses as preparation for your wedding day 😉

  10. bhumika_t says: Reply

    I have heard a lot about Raw Pressery. Would try it sometime 🙂

  11. for one day, it would be ok 😉

  12. It’s just one day so I don’t think you’ll have a problem sticking to it. And u don’t feel hungry either.

  13. The cleanse is really nice Preethi. Perhaps you can do it next time ur in India.

  14. It seems interesting. .i would love to try

  15. what a wonderful post to describe juice fasting. I have been considering it myself but so not sure if I would stick to it 🙂

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