Matrix Biolage RepairInside Treatment – Reconstruct Your Damaged Hair

Last week, I wrote about five damaged things that I would love to repair, but can’t (read post here). My hair is among those five things since pollution, childbirth, chemicals etc have made my hair truly fragile and breakage-prone. Which is why I stay away from heat styling and prefer to simply let my hair air dry.Now, however, there is hope for damaged hair. It can be reconstructed with the Matrix Biolage RepairInside Treatment.

Matrix Biolage Advanced Repair Inside Treatment

“Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside is the first Dual Repair Treatment that repairs the hair from inside as well as outside. It brings together the goodness of Nature with Soya Oil and the power of Molecular Science with Arginine to effectively repair damaged hair. These rich ingredients help in creating a powerful combination to reconstruct damaged protein from inside and restore the cuticle shield from outside.”

I was invited to try out the in-salon exclusive Advanced 360° Reconstructive Treatment which is an hour long repairing treatment for severely damaged hair. A Hyperdose concentrate is applied which specifically targets the most damaged proteins inside the hair. Let me take you through the steps in this treatment:


Matrix Advanced Biolage RepairInside Shampoo

Hair is first cleansed thoroughly, yet gently, with the Biolage Advanced RepairInside Shampoo. Perfectly suited to Indian hair, this shampoo contains Soya Oil and Arginine to help repair damage from inside and outside. (Price Rs. 300. The conditioner is priced at Rs. 250 but wasn’t used in this salon-exclusive treatment)

Hyperdose Concentrate

Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside Hyperdose Concentrate

As the name suggests, this is a really concentrated formula that has to be applied onto sections of the hair focussing on the most damaged parts. This has the most concentrated proportions of Soya Oil and Arginine. (Professional use only)


Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside Masque

This masque is specially formulated to protect the hair from heat without compromising on smoothness. It is applied on top of the Hyperdose Concentrate and repairs hair against any kind of future damage. (Professional use only).


Once the masque is applied, it’s time for a relaxing head massage. Not to be confused with the harsh scratchy “champi kind of tel maalish” that India is renowned for (but which, I have personally never enjoyed), this massage was more spa-like where pressure is applied to scalp, neck, shoulders and back. It felt soooo relaxing!

After the massage, the hair was rinsed and then it was time for the…

Leave-In Cream

Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside Leave In Cream

This leave-in cream, again, protects the hair from heat damage during styling without compromising on smoothness. It doesn’t feel greasy nor does it weigh down the hair. (Price Rs. 380).

After the entire procedure was done, my hair felt incredibly soft and smooth. I couldn’t stop touching it and running my fingers through it. Here are the before and after pics. Not very nice, but they were all I managed to take…

Before the treatment. My hair an unruly, frizzy, fragile mass….

Matrix Biolage Advanced Repair Inside - Before the treatment

And after the treatment….

Matrix Biolage Advanced Repair Inside - after the treatment

Yes, I know it is a very funny picture, but focus on the hair please. I wish there was some way in which I could show you how soft and smooth it felt. I think I’m going to make this a  monthly ritual since you have to have this treatment at regular intervals to see long term benefits and repairing.

This entire 60-minute treatment is a salon exclusive treatment and shall be coming soon at a Matrix salon near you. I haven’t been informed of the price for this treatment yet, but I shall update that information here as soon as I have it.

What do you think of the RepairInside Treatment? Would you like to try it?


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