Bvlgari Notte Pour Femme EDP Review- For The Girl Who Is Sugar And Spice…..

I usually stay away from fragrances that are sweet florals and powdery, preferring instead those that are white floral and spicy. Hubby recently, while buying his nth bottle of Bvlgari Notte Pour Homme, he got me a bottle of Bvlgari Notte Pour Femme EDP because “I liked the fragrance. It will smell really nice on you, though it isn’t really your usual choice”. Did I like the fragrance that my better half liked? Read on….

Blvgari / Blugari Notte Pour Femme EDP review
“A sensual and mysterious scent of the night, BLV Notte Pour Femme is dark and impressive, sweet like the night as its main ingredients are sumptuous dark chocolate and intoxicating vodka.
BLV Notte opens with notes of fresh galanga, mandarin and bergamot; the heart unifies vodka, acacia, powdery iris and tobacco blossom; the base reveals dark chocolate, ginger and amber.
A scent of an unforgettable night with a taste of chocolate lingering on the skin.”

The deep blue bottle with sharp angular lines and the silver “coin-like” cap inscribed with BVLGARI
looks almost masculine at first. The men’s fragrance comes in an almost identical bottle with a slightly more squared body.

This isn’t a “girly” fragrance, rather, it is a fragrance for the woman who is confident of her femininity. A bold evening fragrance, Notte (meaning night in Italian) is a complex perfume with several layers and nuances.

Blvgari Notte Pour Femme review

The first whiff of the fragrance is quite sweet but with heavy alcohol coming through. The vodka probably, though that is supposed to be among the base notes?  After a couple of minutes, the alcohol subsides and you start appreciating the different notes in the fragrance. It is warm, yet sweet, slightly powdery, very sensuous and, by the time you get to the base notes, really really s*xy. This perfume, for me, is all “Sugar and Spice, and all things nice.”

Bvlgari Notte Pour Femme EDP is an intoxicating fragrance. It is complex and difficult to identify and you feel like you want to keep sniffing your wrists. Spray it on the nape of your neck and your man will keep wanting to….you get the idea. The sillage is moderate and the fragrance easily lasts 6-8 hours depending on your body chemistry.

Notte is a really apt name for it because just like the night, this fragrance too, is multi-layered and mysterious, dark and yet sweet. Strong and powerful but never overpowering or cloying, this is a bold fragrance for a confidant woman. (Woman, not girl). With winter just round the corner, this is a lovely perfume to wear on cold days. And of course, the nights.

This is priced around ₹4000+ depending on which store you buy it from. There are also several online retailers, like Flipkart, that sell it at discounted prices (you can buy it here.)

Have you tried Bvlgari Notte? What do you think of it? I know that fragrance is a very personal choice and what one person might love might turn out to be headache inducing for others. Which is your favourite perfume?

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