Parachute Advansed Presents The Art Of Oiling With Nargis Fakhri and Moses Chundi

I have always been an ardent believer in the ancient Indian ritual of oil massages for healthy, luxuriant hair. This art however is currently on the decline with people refusing to to oil their hair. When Parachute invited me to the bloggers event which was dedicate to the “Art Of Oiling”, I was really glad that this ritual was now getting the attention it deserved and thankful to Parachute for putting it back in the limelight. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was oiling my hair….in public!!! Read on to know more about this super fun event….


Parachute Art of Oiling

The best part about these blogger events is getting to meet other bloggers. Parachute had flown down bloggers from Delhi and Kolkata and it was wonderful meeting them in person after months and years of online communication with them.

All of us were shocked however, when Moses said he would demonstrate some massage techniques and we had to actually do those!!! Oil our hair, in public, on a saturday evening!!! But Nargis was such a sweetheart and she has such great sense of humour too, that we didn’t mind doing it since she was joining in as well….

Nargis Fakhri Parachute

The tables were all beautifully laid out with oil, cotton balls, sandalwood sticks and potpourri to ensure that we had a relaxing and indulgent time. Once we were done with our “oiling” we were prepped for our date nights with shampoos and blow-dry. 

Parachute Art of Oiling blogger event

Here’s what Nargis has to say about her association with Parachute Advansed:

“I am very excited to be part of this initiative, that aims to rediscover the fading ‘Art of Oiling’ in India. I am a firm believer in the benefits of the holistic healing and wellness that one experiences after practicing the massage techniques in today’s erratic lifestyle. We all need a mantra to rejuvenate our overworked mind and body for which I strongly recommend that everybody should practice the signature line of DIY Massages developed by Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre & Moses. This will help them not only to rejuvenate, but also give a host of other benefits. The Art of ‘Instant Energy’ massage is my favourite, as it helps me go through a tough day and boosts my energy instantly.”

Moses Chundi, who has mastered the massaging under the guidance of late Mr. Narendra Mehta, also known as the “Guru of Indian Head Massage and founder of London Centre of Champissage has developed the Signature Line of Do It yourself (DIY) Massage Techniques said ‘Being in this field for more than 15 years, this is not only my profession but it’s my passion and an art for me. India is one of the origin for massages and oiling, but this art is slowly fading here. On the contrary, the West has caught on to this art enthusiastically. I’m glad to rediscover this art in India with a launch of signature line of massages with the expert PAKC.”

And here are a couple of pictures…
She has such gorgeous, enviably flawless skin!!!

Dolon photo-bombing as Hina and I take a picture…

Hina, Dolon and me just before we oiled our hair….
And here’s a tutorial on the Art of Bridal Beauty. Even if you’re not a bride, it never hurts to get this done. Who wouldn’t want to look like a radiant bride, right?
Parachute Advansed Art Of Oiling
Parachute Advansed Art Of Oiling
The Parachute Advanced Art Of Oiling event not only re-enforced my belief that oiling the hair and giving it a nice massage at least once a week is a very good thing, but also taught me new massage techniques. 
Do you like oiling your hair??

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  1. nice and informative post…oiling could also be a fun apart from relaxing. Liked your pics. You too have enviably flawless skin dear 🙂

  2. BeautifulhameshaBlog says: Reply

    wow seems u had a great fun

  3. Lovely pics..

  4. Dolon Dutta Chowdhury says: Reply

    These are lovely pics! And my head looks as if its floating on top of Hina and yrs 😀

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