Dettol Multi-Use Wipes – A Mom and Blogger’s Must Have

As a mother, the one thing that I buy in bulk are multi-purpose wipes. I stash them everywhere, in my handbags, in each of the cars, in the kitchen, in the children’s bags on the dining table. And even on my dressing table……
Dettol Multi-use wipes review
Dettol has, since long, been a trusted name in healthcare and hygiene. For cleaning small wounds, for soaking nappies, it has always been Dettol in almost every household. When Dettol came out with wet wipes, I stocked up on them because that is a brand that has gained trust since generations. Here are the different ways in which I use these multi-use wipes…..

In The Car:

Dettol multi-use wipes - review
Along with the mandatory box of tissues, each of my cars has a pack of wipes stashed in it. Besides being extremely useful for long drives and road trips, they also come in handy when one needs to use a public restroom. The ones on the highways are a hygiene nightmare and carrying your own pack of wipes is an absolute must. Spilt coffee, biscuit crumbs, sticky fingers are all easier to clean with the Dettol wipes as against a dry tissue.
People might find me finicky, but one very important use of the wipes is to clean the steering wheel, gear and handbrake after getting the car back from the valet. Somehow, I just have a compulsive need to wipe down these surfaces since you never know how clean or dirty the valet’s hands are…

In The Kids’ School and Sports Bags

Little boys just love getting dirty! Add to that football / cricket class where they purposely dive into the pitch for a catch or slide and skid on the turf to score a goal, and you have one really filthy little person with dirt covered hands, legs and face. Oh, and I forgot to mention the sweat. The Dettol wipes, being pH neutral, are gentle enough for the children’s skin and effectively cleanse the little brats.

In The Kitchen

Dettol multi-use wipes review
We all are familiar with the way dals, soups and veggies in gravy splatter the walls of the microwave when they are being heated. If not cleaned immediately, they dry and become crusty and are then very difficult to remove. I always keep a pack of the wipes next to the microwave and even my maid has strict instructions to wipe down the inside of the microwave immediately after heating stuff.
The Dettol wipes are also very handy in keeping all the worktop surfaces clean in the kitchen, where invariably, we tend to spill things.

On My Dresser

Dettol Multi-use wipes - review
This is one peculiar habit that I have; I keep a wet wipe and a dry tissue on the dresser surface when I’m applying makeup and keep wiping the brushes after I use them, first on the wipe, and then on the dry tissue. This is my way of ensuring that they stay cleaner and relatively bacteria-free in between washes. Brushes also tend to get a bit stiff with makeup that gets accumulated on them till you wash it off. This way, my brushes stay soft, and because they aren’t very dirty, when I have to wash them, it isn’t a very time-consuming task.
What I really love about the Dettol Multi-Use Wipes is that they are alcohol-free and pH neutral. Both these things are very important especially since I use them on my children’s skin. They also have a very faint fragrance unlike several others that are doused in fragrance. True to name, they really are multi-use and help in keeping my family and surroundings clean and hygienic in this increasingly polluted world.
The Dettol Multi-Use Wipes are available on line on
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