Win A Hair Is Fashion Makeover From Lakme Salon!

Hair Is Fashion Makeover at the Lakme Absolute Salon

You have all seen my lovely Hair Is Fashion makeover that I got at the Lakme Absolute Salon in this post here. It is truly very important to have a great haircut because then, styling the hair becomes really simple. With the least amount of fuss and styling, your hair will look good. Check out some of my fuss-free hair styles in this post.

Hair Is Fashion Makeover at the Lakme Absolute Salon

Why am I talking about these posts? Well, because one of you can…..

Win A Hair Is Fashion Makeover At The Lakme Salon!

Sounds good? All you need to do is follow all the steps in this Rafflecopter. This contest starts at midnight tonight and is on till the end of this month. Most importantly, is open to people living in MUMBAI only. Sorry about that, but that is the mandate from Lakme salon.

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So all the best. I’m looking forward to reading all your answers 🙂


11 Replies to “Win A Hair Is Fashion Makeover From Lakme Salon!”

  1. Awwww dollie u are looking absolutely gorgeous in this hair makeover… <3 <3 <3 … Totally in love with the hair style

  2. HAIR IS FASHION is rightly called a woman’S CROWNING GLORY..U can style it,colour it,rock it…A great hairstyle can drastically change ur looks…A beautiful color highlights will change ur whole appearance..u can flaunt ur hair in various hair cuts like Layers,Curls and Bangs and hair styles like Braids,plaits,twists and updo’s..Omg what cant we do with our Hair….I just love my Hair….A complete hair makeover will boost my confidence a lot…Done with all the steps dear..Thank u

  3. A lovely makeover. You look great!!
    To me #HairIsFashion because a hairstyle can do a lot to enhance your looks.No matter how stylish your outfit or makeup maybe ,the perfect look wouldn’t be complete without an awesome hairstyle.Hair is something that you can experiment with along with the changing trends.Hair is one of the best assets that a girl can flaunt and step up her fashion game. We can express our style and personality through our hair and that’s what makes us confidently stand apart .
    Thanx for the chance.!

  4. Niti Chopra says: Reply

    Hi Dollie

    Hv entered a few contests but never won them…I am hoping that this time I will be lucky… Fingers crossed… For me life is too short for a boring haircut so a makeover is just right

  5. kanan shah says: Reply

    Gyd stylish hair gives confidence it says your mood the way u carry it

  6. kanan shah says: Reply

    Gud stylish hair gives confidence it says your mood the way u carry it

  7. shaiheena alam says: Reply

    I would want to win the makeover….

  8. I think #hairIsfashion because there’s so much you can do with hair these day in terms of color, cut or style. The options are endless and exciting.

  9. 🙂 Your hair looks wonderful Dollie! For me, as you know, literally #HairIsFashion. No matter what I wear, how I style or what I talk about, it is my hair which is always the talking point. People know me & recognize me by my hair. Hair style (or lack of it) can make or break an outfit. I’d love to win this makeover to finally get some much needed bangs, get a highlight or two and get a style – of course while keeping the length.

  10. y not in other places??only mumbai…how sad 🙁

  11. Super! Thanks Dolly I’m definitely entering this one with a fervent prayer to win. 😉

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