Bobbi Brown Arrives In Mumbai

“Blend, blend, blend.

Blend is your friend! “

I got this priceless piece of advice from Eliano Bou Assi, Regional Director of Artistry and Education, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, when I was invited for a special preview of Mumbai’s first Bobbi Brown store at the Palladium Mall (slated to open today). Here’s a sneak peek into the store:

Bobbi Brown comes to Mumbai

Industrial chic-meets-Soho-loft is how the interiors of the store (inspired by Bobbi’s kitchen) can be described. While you have industrial touches in the steel cabinetry and lamps, the Carrara marble table tops and ornate chandelier give the store a warm and welcoming environment.

Bobbi Brown Store Mumbai

Bobbi Brown store Mumbai

About Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown revolutionised the beauty industry in 1991 with the launch of 10 brown-based lipsticks ad a simple philosophy that, with the right makeup and knowledge, women can look like themselves, only prettier and more confident. More than twenty-two years later, Bobbi’s holistic and empowering take on beauty speaks to women of all ages and all ethnicities around the world and has finally reached Aamchi Mumbai.

Bobbi’s Makeup Lessons

Bobbi believes that beauty should be personal, simple and accessible and that every woman can look and feel her best wth the right knowledge and the right products. Inspired by this belief, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offers an extensive “Menu” of personalised and complimentary makeup lessons to help women enhance their beauty in as little as 5 minutes to (Instant Pretty) to as much as 20 minutes (Cheeks and Lips, Smokey Eyes).

Bobbi Brown store Mumbai


Bobbi Brown Store Mumbai

Bobbi Brown Store Mumbai

I’m so happy that Mumbai finally has a Bobbi Brown store. Especially one that’s close to my home and not somewhere in the suburbs. I can’t wait to go back and try out the foundations, Art Sticks and the new shimmer gel liners 🙂

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  1. Finally mumbai gets a bobbi brown store!! Happy shoppin dollie 🙂

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