CK Eternity Summer – A Fresh, Floral Fragrance For Hot, Humid Days

CK Eternity Summer review

When the weather is really hot and humid, like it is in Mumbai right now, even your usual favourite fragrances start feeling heavy and cloying. Especially,  if like me, your choice in fragrances leans towards warm, sensual, musky ones. Since my bottle of Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean was over, I had gone to buy another one for the summer when the SA showed me the bottle of CK Eternity Summer. And I bought it without even smelling it because the pretty pink bottle looked so elegant and summery….

CK Eternity Summer review

About CK Eternity Summer

Since a decade, Calving Klein has been launching limited editions of it’s hugely popular fragrance Eternity (one of the fragrances I wore all through college) each summer. The top and hear notes usually are tweaked a bit keeping the heart notes similar, similar to the original. The fragrance that I bought is the 2014 edition and “evokes a peaceful, blissful, relaxing day at the beach“.

“Eternity Summer opens with sparkling notes of mandarin, green bamboo leaves, pear and watermelon. It’s sunny heart features floral notes of peony, water lily, gardenia and neroli. The gentle musk and blonde woods base give sensuality to the scent.”

CK Eternity Summer review

CK Eternity Summer review
The colour of the bottle might appear different in different pictures because of the harsh afternoon sunlight and the angles at which the pictures were taken.

CK Eternity Summer comes in a simplistically elegant pastel pink bottle which has a slight frosted finish on the upper half. Just like the original Eternity, this one too, doesn’t have a cap. The clean lines of the bottle and the T-shape give is a slight masculine feel while the baby pink colour is pure feminine. This non-fussy design of the bottle makes it easy to hold and won’t slip from the hands easily.

Coming to the fragrance, CK Eternity Summer is a light, fresh, floral-aquatic fragrance. Very non-intrusive and yet refreshing and youthful at the same time. If I had to describe it as a picture, I would say imagine a sea-facing room filled with loads of bouquets of flowers. The sea-breeze wafting in blends with the fragrance of the flowers. That is the kind of imagery this fragrance evokes.

Actually, perfumes are a very personal thing so what one person might like, another might not. I don’t like powdery floral fragrances but this one is a lovely blend of aquatic and floral. Once it settles down a bit, it smells slightly more creamier and mature. It is perfect for work wear because of it’s moderate sillage and subtlety. People around you will get an intriguing whiff of it when they are around you but it won’t announce your presence before you walk into the room.

CK Eternity Summer review

If there’s one thing that I dislike about this fragrance, it’s the staying power. Or rather, the lack of it. The max it stays on me is 3-4 hours which isn’t really much. It does linger a bit more on the clothes though, just marginally longer. For such a lovely fragrance, good lasting power would have been the icing on the cake. But despite that, it is my current favourite summer fragrance.

CK Eternity Summer EDP is priced at ₹5,150 but it is available online at huge discounts. I wish I had purchased it online since I bought it blindly anyway. Lesson learnt.

Have you tried CK Eternity Summer? Which one do you prefer, the original or the summery version? Do let me know….

4 Replies to “CK Eternity Summer – A Fresh, Floral Fragrance For Hot, Humid Days”

  1. Now I know I have to order this online!!

    1. I hope you like it as much as I do Rashmi 🙂

  2. OMG! what a cute looking bottle of perfume!
    Sad that it only lasts a few hours…I would have loved to get my hands on it otherwise:)


    1. Yes, you need to refresh your fragrance once if you have a long day but seriously, it smells so good and summery.

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