Lakme School Of Style By Fame – India’s First “Video Magazine”

YouTube has become the most preferred mode of “learning” things these days; be it recipies, DIYs or makeup. While I have always been more of  a “reader” than a “watcher”, most people today  prefer to watch videos as they find those more convenient. In this age of smartphones with 3G and 4G connections, checking out YouTube videos is no longer restricted to the computer or laptop. It is an “anytime, anywhere” phenomena as people watch videos while commuting, while waiting for the doctor’s appointment or even during a boring presentation (that would be on mute of course).  Sensing this paradigm shift Fame, along with Lakme has started the Lakme School Of Style with none other than Karan Johar as the Editor-in-Chief!

About the Lakme School Of Style

“The Lakme School of Style is the first of it’s kind show that will not only bring the newest trends and happenings from the world of fashion, but in the process, will also create new-age fashionistas and idols. A fashion brigade led by Editor-in-Chief, Karan Johar himself, will bring the fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen.” 

About Fame

Fame is a digital entertainment network that nurtures and promotes new talent. Whatever your skills may be, music, comedy, fashion or even cooking, Fame can help launch you, showcase your skills on the huge platform that is the internet, and find you the right audience. Besides Lakme School Of Style, Fame also has Web Chef, Web Singer and Beauty and The Blogger among it’s success stories. 

Not Just Fashion….

But if you think that the Lakme School of style is just about fashion and fashion shows, then you are highly mistaken. Besides Fashion, the School of Style also has interviews, features and, my favourite, the MasterClass, which have everything from makeup tutorials to styling tips to skincare Q and A! The idea behind these being to make all this information more accessible to everyone. Had some questions on cosmetic enhancements? Jamuna Pai’s MasterClass is there to help you out. Want to create a unique summer fashion statement? Then the video for Layering In Summer comes to rescue. As the name suggests, the Lakme School of Style is an online school, and a fun one at that, where you can get tips and ideas to become a more stylish version of yourself.

Quick and Easy Date Night Tutorial

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that Quick and Easy are the two keywords that define my makeup. I really liked this tutorial because it does show you simple ways to amp up your oomph on a date night. Red lips are a date night classic that will never really go away and Sahibba shows just how easy it is to rock the Red Lip. The Smoky Eye gets an upgrade as she adds a coloured twist to it using just minimal products. The best is for the last though, as she shows how to conceal a hickie, a love bite!

The Lakme School Of Style has some truly wonderful videos. The theme for this month is weddings and Karan “Wedding” Johar’s introductory video for this theme is a great fun watch. So do tune in to the Lakme School Of Style for tips and tricks to up your style quotient.

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