Paradise EDP by Oriflame – Spicy Seduction for Summer Nights

Paradise EDP by Oriflame review

I love spicy, sensual fragrances and a fragrance that is spicy and warm and yet not overbearing in the summer heat is a bit difficult to find. Paradise EDP from Oriflame is exactly that kind of fragrance. What’s more, it comes in a really pretty bottle. Want to know more about it? Read on…

Paradise EDP by Oriflame review




Paradise EDP by Oriflame review

I would describe Paradise EDP as a spicy-woody-musky fragrance with a warm floral heart. This is what Oriflame has to say about it:

“Paradise is a fragrance that brings sophistication and luxury combined with a bohemian style. It is designed for unrestrained, free-spirited women who stand out from the crowd.”

paradise pic

I really like this picture from the campaign of Paradise. It really captures the spirit of the fragrance, the sensuality, the warmth and the soft florals hidden beneath the muskiness.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Freesia, Black and Pink pepper.

Middle Notes: Pink Roses, Jasmine, Lily Of the Valley, Peony

Base Notes: Cashmere, Cedar, Musk.

Paradise EDP by Oriflame review

Paradise EDP by Oriflame seems to be identical to The Body Shop’s Red Musk (reviewed here) when you first spray it. I guess that is because of the pepper which is there even in Red Musk. Paradise also Bergamot and Freesia but neither of them come through. After about half an hour, you start smelling the warm, faintly sweet floral notes. The fragrance retains it’s spicyness right till the base notes but it does get mellower and sweeter. The dry down is again very similar to Red musk, very warm and musky and the floral notes become very, very faint here.

While the fragrance isn’t overbearing, it can definitely be described as sharp. There is a certain confidence to this fragrance and I would recommend this for a power breakfast or a board meeting. The sillage of Paradise is moderate so you won’t have people sneezing if you enter the room. It does make it’s presence felt albeit in a subtler way. The fragrance has decent longevity as well and would last you from 9-5 but you would need a quick spritz before heading out for an after work date. Like I said, this fragrance is spicy seduction for summer nights.

Paradise EDP by Oriflame review

What I love the most about Paradise EDP by Oriflame is it’s bottle. Such a pretty, feminine bottle with a striking, opulent cap! I love how the bottle retains a feminine look with the pink and gold and yet has strong, linear shape. The cap is a beauty and this bottle is sure to look lovely on the dresser. However, this isn’t a feminine fragrance. It is spicy and musky enough to be worn by men as well. That is, if you can get them to hold a pink and gold fragrance bottle.

Priced at ₹2,699, this is a really lovely fragrance to add to your collection if you have a weakness for spicy, musky fragrances and is quite an affordable buy. It lasts quite  a good while, isn’t too strong and comes in a pretty bottle. What more could you want?

Have you tried Paradise EDP by Oriflame?

Disclaimer – PR Sample. Honest opinion.

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  1. I’m not a fan when it comes to fragrances the only thing that attracts me is their packaging , so loved the packaging.. I would like to try as its not that strong & lasts pretty long 🙂

  2. havne’t tried oriflame fragrances yet! Will surely try!

  3. The bottle looks chic though nt a huge fan of musky fragrances. Lovely pictures <3

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