Za True White Emulsion Review And Price In India

Za True White Emulsion Review and Price In India

After the Za Exfoliating Clay, a wonderful scrub + mask hybrid (reviewed here) another product that my skin has been enjoying is the Za True White Emulsion. In fact, this has been the only daytime skincare moisturising product that I have been using since a month (besides toner and sunscreen, of course)! Want to know more? Read on…

Za True White Emulsion Review and Price In India

About the Za True White Emulsion

“This feather-light, non-oily emulsion easily permeates into the skin to give translucency, brightness, even-tone while replenishing moisture levels for incredibly soft, smooth skin.”

What’s The Packaging Like?

Za True White Emulsion Review and Price In India

The Za True White Emulsion comes in a curvy white bottle with the classic Za hot pink lettering. It has a screw on cap and a unique dispenser that controls the amount of product that flows through  so that there is no product wastage.

Za True White Emulsion Review and Price In India



Who Should Use It? When To Use It?

Since it is a brightening, moisturising emulsion, it can be used by any girl of any age who wants brighter, more even-toned skin. As with a serum, this emulsion can be used morning and night, after cleansing and toning and before a moisturiser (if needed). In the mornings, top this up with a sunscreen and at night, finish with a night cream/facial oil if your skin requires it. If you have very oily skin, however, then I wouldn’t advise this.

What Are The Ingredients?

Za True White Emulsion Review and Price In India


The Good?

It is a really hydrating emulsion that does brighten up your skin when used regularly. I have been using it for a month and a half in the Mumbai heat and it has moisturised my skin so well that I don’t need to apply any serum before this or a separate moisturiser after it. I only follow it with a sunscreen in the morning. It gets absorbed into the skin easily and leaves behind a dewy finish. Just one drop of this emulsion is enough for my face and another drop for the neck. The Za True White Emulsion has a delightful fragrance that I really like. Also, there are no parabens in it.

The Not So Good?

Some of the ingredients. Alcohol is the third ingredient and while I know that not all alcohols are bad, the good alcohol is the eighth ingredient! Besides,  there is mineral oil and phenoxyethanol, both of which could trigger acne breakouts on people with sensitive skin. Also, though I like the fragrance, those with sensitive skin could have issues with that.


₹899 for 125ml.

To Sum It Up…

A nice hydrating emulsion, good for dry, normal and combination skins that does moisturise and brighten the skintone. It wouldn’t be suitable for those with very oily or sensitive skins.

Have you tried the Za True White Emulsion? What do you think of it?

Also, do you like this review format? Do let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: PR Sample. Honest opinion. 

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