Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Review and Price In India

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India

Vichy is one brand that I have been loyal to over a period of 11 years. Not surprising actually, when you see the efficacy of their products. Of course, as my skin has changed over the years, so has it’s requirements and so have the products I use. For my dehydrated skin, I use the Vichy LiftActive Serum 10 as part of my night-time skincare routine and the  Vichy LiftActiv Supreme as part of my morning routine. This moisturiser claims to give skin a long-lasting lifting effect that doesn’t make your skin appear tired by the end of the day. Most of us have noticed how dull and tired our skin looks by evening, and while it is often a result of physical fatigue and external  factors such as pollution, it is also a result of the signs of aging becoming more visible as the day passes. And that is what Vichy claims to target. Read on to know how it performs.

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India

Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Review

About LiftActive Supreme

After 10 years of research, Vichy has discovered the power of the SOURCE DERMIS, the layer of the dermis that alone controls the regeneration of all skin. After screening over 50 anti-ageing molecules, Vichy Research selected Rhamnose, a highly concentrated anti-ageing ingredient of plant origin at an exceptional dose of 5% to target the Source Dermis. Its anti-ageing efficacy has been demonstrated thanks to a testing protocol inspired by medical research and protected by 7 patents.
Its anti-ageing efficacy has been demonstrated thanks to a testing protocol* inspired by medical research and protected by 7 patents.
Now, Laboratoires Vichy offer you Liftactiv Derm Source Technology, the best science can offer your skin.
Reactivate your skin’s youthfulness, completely transformed within 4 days.

Efficacy: Immediate optical smoothing effect on the look of wrinkles and surface imperfections. Until evening, complexion looks fresh and radiant, features remain rested. From 1 month, deep wrinkles appear corrected and skin feels firmer as if lifted.”

What’s the Packaging Like?

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India

 The Vichy LiftActiv Supreme is packaged in a heavy silvery-white jar with a mirror-finish cap. While the jar is really heavy and feels like glass, it is actually made of sturdy, heavy plastic and won’t break if it falls from your hand. Though it will really hurt your foot if it falls on it. As with the Liftactiv Serum10, the packaging of this cream is also very difficult to photograph.

The jar packaging is considered to be the most unhygienic of all packages since you have to dip your fingers in it. I, personally have no issues with jar packages since I ensure my hands are clean when I use the product. I have also kept one spatula to scoop out the cream but I wish Vichy would have included a spatula with it.

Who Should Use It? When To Use It?

This is an anti-aging and firming product that is mainly targeted at women in their 40s onwards who have combination skin. There is another variant of this cream available for dry skin as well. Women in their 30s who have a few wrinkles or whose skin has started losing volume and firmness. The Vichy LiftActiv Supreme can be used both morning and night (though I use it only in the morning) after cleansing and toning. Since it is a targeted treatment for wrinkles, I wouldn’t recommend it for younger women since they wouldn’t  have any wrinkles for the cream to work on and show it’s efficacy.

As I mentioned earlier, I use this in my morning routine. Since I layer my skincare and since this cream is quite rich, I need a very little quantity for my face and neck. My face immediately looks smooth and fresh and since I apply it even around my eyes, I don’t need a separate eye cream either. It is moisturising enough for my dehydrated undereye and the fine lines there.

Morning skincare routine
Products in my morning skincare routine


Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India

Rhamnose – 5% – long term benefits include increased toning  and firmness.

Neohesperidine – 0.2% – long term benefits include reinforced long term correction of wrinkles

Caffeine – 0.2% – fights against tiredness and puffiness

Adenosine – 0.1% – rapid anti-wrinkle efficacy

While this cream does have some amazing ingredients, it also has quite a few silicones, alcohol and phenoxyethanol as well as fragrance that might not agree with sensitive skin. However, this cream has been tested for sensitivity. I have also used it when I had dermatitis and it tingled slightly in that area. But U am also glad to see that there are no Parabens or mineral oil.

The Good?

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India
I haven’t edited the picture. The skin DOES look brighter after I apply the cream.


The amazing texture! The LiftActiv Supreme feels so rich and yet, as you massage it into your skin, it feels light as it sinks in without making the skin look or feel greasy or oily. Skin feels well hydrated, smooth and naturally radiant after applying this. The difference is definitely visible though you wouldn’t be able to tell exactly how. It This also has the same pleasant fragrance as the Serum 10 which I love. And yes, it does live up to it’s claims of smoother, younger-looking skin till evening.

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Review and Price in India

This moisturiser is rich yet gentle enough to be used around the eyes as well. At least, I use it, not everyone might want to. And it has helped in keeping my undereye area hydrated and looking-fresh. I feel that this cream also helps reduce puffiness and that is another reason why I use it in the morning. The area where I noticed the biggest difference though, is my neck. The skin on the neck is thin as well as neglected and is among the first to show the signs of aging. I too had noticed a few horizontal fine lines around my neck but after using this cream for 5 weeks, my neck is as smooth as before.

The Not So Good?

As mentioned, the presence of alcohol, silicones and phenoxyethanol might make it unsuitable for sensitive skins. Also the jar packaging can be a bit cumbersome. Other than that, I really can’t find fault with this marvellously effective product.


At ₹2,350 for 50ml, it might appear to be expensive but when you see how little you need per application and how effective it is, I’d say the price is justified.

To Sum It Up

It isn’t easy to find products that live up to their claims, that perform the way they are supposed to and that are priced reasonably. So when a brand consistently comes out with products that are effective, that are backed by years of research and tests, you really admire the brand. And you keep buying their products for 11 years and counting. Honestly, the LiftActiv range from Vichy is a really good anti-aging range and I love both, the serum as well as this cream. I am truly amazed at the difference it has made to the skin on my neck. I also had two horizontal expression lines appearing on the forehead and the Supreme has worked wonders on those too.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone below 35 (unless your skin is really aging fast) because if there is nothing for the cream to work on, how will it show it’s efficacy? Above 35? Do give the LiftActiv Supreme a try.

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  1. Seems a promising one…wud try this asap.

    1. I really love it. It’s fabulous for those in 30s onwards.

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