Travel in Comfort and Style with the Levis 711 – OOTD

OOTD with Levis 711

I have been “living in Levis” long before the brand got that tagline. For most of us, jeans = Levis and everyone will have that one special Levis jeans which gives them that perfect fit. And why not? After all, the world owes the existence of this rugged yet comfortable apparel to Levis who invented the original blue jean in 1873, the iconic 501. And they were the first to launch denims for women in 1934! With the innovative new fits and collections that they keep launching, is it any wonder then, that the pile of Levis in my wardrobe just keeps getting bigger?

OOTD with Levis 711
My Levis Denims

Since they’ve been making jeans for 80 years now, the oldest player in the market, they understand what a woman needs from her jeans – two main things being style and comfort – and thus, they innovate and improve, year after year. From launching three types of “curve fits” for women to the Revel jeans that gave a sleek contour to the body, Levis tries to give women jeans that go from being “good jeans” to the “perfect jeans“.

OOTD with Levis 711
My current favourite jeans – the Levis 711


“For Fall 2015, Levis has harnessed over 80 years of women’s global denim expertise, paired it with innovation and an eye to detail to create a transformational women’s jean collection. Introducing the new Levis Denim collection for women – modern, feminine and sexy. 

LOT 700

Levis 711 OOTD

Named after the first ever pair of Levis women’s jeans, the signature Lot 700 fits are the ultimate look-amazing styles, designed to flatter, hold and lift, all day, everyday. Fits include: 710 Super Skinny, 711 Skinny and 721 High Rise Skinny.


Levis 711 OOTD

Designed to smooth and enhance, the mid-rise shaping jeans help to slim the tummy, lift the seat and lengthen the legs. Fits include 311 Shaping Skinny and 312 Shaping Slim.

OOTD with Levis 711


OOTD with Levis 711

For me, jeans are my uniform, especially when I travel. Though sometimes, the thick fabric of the jeans and the lack of stretch does make them seem uncomfortable for long haul flights which is when I opt for jumpsuits or long skirts. Not the 711s though. They are super snug and soft with a great stretch and feel just like second skin. On my flight back from Barcelona, I was wearing them for 16+ hours and I never felt more comfortable. Some jeans tend to sag at the knees when worn for hours at a stretch, but not so with these. Here’s my “Airport Fashion” OOTD:

OOTD with Levis 711

Can you see how beautifully they fit? And I love the little rugged detailing which gives them the “lived-in look”. As I mentioned, these are snug but not tight enough to cut off circulation because the fabric is really stretchy! The 711 isn’t ultra low-rise (something I detest); rather they sit comfortably right on my pelvic bone making it perfect! These truly are my perfect pair of jeans. At least for now, because as soon as the new collection hits the stores, I’m getting many more of these in various washes.

OOTD with Levis 711
Do not look at my puffy, sleepy face. This pic was taken at 6am while leaving for the El Prat airport.


Do you like the fit of the 711? What’s your preferred fit in jeans – skinny / super skinny / slim / boyfriend? High-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, ultra-low rise? Let me know…

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  1. Lovely OOTD Dollie… I love Levi’s denims a lot as they seem to be tailor made for me…. Waiting to check the 311 fit soon…

  2. They are amazing…when it comes to jeans, I don’t get any other name in my mind…like seriously

  3. Lovely OOTD. You are looking stylish in spite of the sleepy eyes 🙂

  4. Megha Gupta says: Reply

    me too fan of jeans, loved your ootd

    1. Thank you Megha 🙂

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