Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 – Review and Swatch

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch

Brands are increasingly blurring the line between skincare and makeup with products that offer the benefits of both. So we have skincare with a bit of colour (tinted lip balms, tinted moisturisers) and makeup with added skincare benefits.  Za Beauty’s latest offering is one such product. It is a foundation that also helps get beautiful skin over time!  At least that’s what it’s claims are. Does it live up to the claims?  Read on to know more about the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30…..

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch


About the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation

“The House of Shiseido presents Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation, a 100% oil-free water based foundation that gives virtues of skincare in makeup. This shine-free and transparent finish foundation gives skin a natural and radiant luminosity instantly by emanating light from within. It is enriched with deeply moisturising hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E that makes skin even-toned and clear while it’s SPF 17 PA++ protects from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation’s light-water veil gives a natural finish and feels like your second skin, making it ideal for the Indian climate. For pinkish white skin with a natural pinkish glow and translucent finish.”

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch


Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch


The Za Perfect Fit Foundation comes in a small plastic bottle with a rose-gold body and a metallic pink cap. Though it isn’t very visually appealing, it is a very practical and travel-friendly packaging since it’s small and sturdy enough to tote around anywhere. Under the screw-on cap is a nozzle and you can squeeze out just as much foundation as you require to avoid wasting the product.

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch

Texture, Colour, Coverage and Swatch

With a  thin, runny texture, the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is very easy to blend, whether you use your fingers or a brush. I have used it with both and while it does blend really well with the fingers, it is easier to layer on more when you use a brush. And you will need to layer it since this foundation has a really light coverage. In fact, the coverage is as light as a tinted moisturiser/BB cream. You can layer it to increase the coverage to moderate but don’t expect full coverage with this. It will unify your skintone but will not cover any imperfections/flaws/freckles/marks. Also, when increasing the coverage, you will also end up increasing the “pink” factor (more on that below) and that might not be a look you want.

This foundation gives a dewy finish without making the skin look shiny and greasy. It doesn’t control oil however and within a couple of hours, I notice my T-zone getting quite shiny. The one really good thing is that it doesn’t make my skin breakout.

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch

Za Perfect Fit Foundation OC30 review and swatch

The shade that I received, OC30, is the darkest of the six shades that this foundation is available in. When I first saw it, I thought that it was a perfect match for my skintone. However, on blending it, the “pinkish white glow” is visible and the foundation actually looks lighter than it is.  You can see how different it looks once it has been blended.

Also, because of the pinkish tint, my face and neck look quite different from the rest of me since I have yellow undertones. Like all other girls, I love to look radiant but I know that if I have a pinkish radiance, it will look artificial.


The 30ml bottle of the Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is priced at ₹700 and is available on Nykaa.

To Sum It Up

While the lightweight texture makes this foundation really easy to blend and the light coverage is great for a daily, dewy finish, the limited shade range and the “pink” tint means that this wouldn’t really suit most Indian skintones. OC30 is the darkest of the six shades and as you can see from the swatch, once blended, it is too light even for my NC37 skintone. If you have cool undertones and good skin, then you can surely give this foundation a shot.


* Disclaimer – PR Sample. Honest opinion.

7 Replies to “Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 – Review and Swatch”

  1. Nice review again, I was about to buy this foundation, but thankfully you mentioned the ‘pink undertones’ and as a rule I stay away from those!!

  2. I have been loving this product but like you rightly pointed out, the shade selection is a bummer for our Indian skintone.

    1. Lisha, with your flawless skin you don’t even need foundation. I’m sure the dewy finish of this one would have looked lovely on you 🙂

  3. Me too I am actually on hunt for dewy finish foundations 😀

    1. Try this out but remember this has a very light coverage.

  4. dewy effect? then its for me 🙂 somehow i like dewy foundations more than those which gives matte look. Would love to try 🙂

    1. I too love dewy finish in foundations 🙂

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