Quan Spa Review – Rejuvenation at the Goa Marriott

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott

A sea-view room in a luxury hotel, delectable cuisines and beautiful weather. Sounds like a perfect birthday, doesn’t it? What would make it even more perfect? A relaxing and rejuvenating massage at a world-renowned spa! Since hubby and I were enjoying a romantic getaway at the Goa Marriott for his birthday, we had to have an indulgent couple ritual at the Spa. The Quan Spa at the Goa Marriott is a haven of understated luxury and tranquility. Read more about it….

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott

 Quan Spa Review

Be Caressed By Water

“Water is the source of all life. It has the ability to cleanse physically and spiritually. It is no coincidence that our name, Quan, means Spring Water which signifies all things good and pure, health as well as wellness. At Quan, we draw on these restorative qualities to provide a haven of calm, tranquility and relaxation. Our treatments provide a welcome getaway for you to unwind and prepare yourself for your journey ahead.”

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott
The calm and tranquil lobby of the Quan Spa

The Quan Spa has an extensive menu featuring massages, body wraps and scrubs, body rituals, facials and more. I was very tempted by the hot stone therapy since that is something I haven’t tried as yet but the birthday boy wanted to stick to a massage.

“Body and mind strike a fine resonance induced by the smooth application of Tridosha oil to attain the state of wellbeing.”

This was the description of the Goan Magic massage that we opted for.  The spa receptionist said that it was a rejuvenating massage with varying pressure and it sounded like just what we needed.

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott
Decor in the waiting lounge of Quan Spa
Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott
Jacuzzi at the Quan Spa

Hubby and I were given keys to individual lockers and were lead to separate men’s and ladies’ areas to change. In the lockers were disposable undergarments and a bathrobe as well as spa slippers for us to change into. Changed and robed, we were then lead to the spa area where we were served a refreshing cool drink which seemed to be an blend of watermelon, pineapple and green tea. At least, that’s how it tasted to me.

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott
Lockers and changing rooms at Quan Spa

The couples treatment room at the Quan is among the most spacious ones I have seen. Soft lighting , soothing fragrance and the perfect temperature in the room puts even a spa newbie at ease.

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott
The Couple Treatment room at the Quan Spa

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott

The massage begins with a foot wash where the masseuse gently cleans your feet with warm water. The copper vessel, milk infused water and the rose petals all add to the indulgent experience. Then came the massage. Both the therapists were very polite and ensured that we were comfortable and that the room was at the right temperature. Modesty is maintained at all times as the areas of the body not being massaged are kept covered at all times. Each time the therapist started massaging a different part of my body, she would enquire if the pressure was fine or if I felt any aches or pains anywhere.

The oil used had a very herb-y earthy kind of fragrance and I was told it was an Ayurvedic blend to balance the three Doshas and rejuvenate the mind and body. I did feel rejuvenated, but that was later. At the time of the massage, I felt so incredibly relaxed that I think I fell asleep for a few minutes. Hubby did too; I could make out from the change in his breathing. A spa is truly one of those rare places where you lose all sense of time. You never realise when 90 minutes are up and it is with great reluctance that you get up and head for the steam and shower.

The couple treatment room at almost all the spas we have visited, has an en-suite steam room and shower. A couple of them also have a jacuzzi. Here, however, after the massage, hubby was led back to the men’s changing area and I to the ladies area for steam and shower. So, he sat alone for steam as did I and somehow, this kind of spoilt the couples spa vibe for me. It would have been nice if Quan would have had in-room steam and shower facilities in the couples’ room so that a couple gets some time together to enjoy that lazy, relaxed post massage time (you know what I mean, don’t you). This is the only gripe I have with the otherwise fabulous Quan Spa.

Review of the Quan Spa at Goa Marriott

Post shower,  once you’re back in the lobby of the spa, the Thalgo and Iraya products on display do beckon invitingly. One look from hubby was enough to remind me that I already have way too many products…and just one face.

As I write this post, it strikes me that exactly a week ago, at this very moment, I was getting my body massaged and my stressed out muscles kneaded by the very talented masseuse at the Quan Spa! How I wish I could turn back the clock and go back for another round of massage. And a hot stone therapy. And a body wrap. I love spas as you can make out 😉

Which is your favourite spa? Have you ever tried a couple spa treatment? Do let me know.

Disclaimer – I was offered an experiential at the Quan Spa. However, my views and opinions are honest and unbiased. 

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  1. I have tried the one in Delhi and it was definitely one of the best spa experiences I’ve had.
    Lovely clicks 🙂

    1. I haven’t been to the spa in Mumbai as yet. Need to check that out now…

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