Apollo White Dental Spa Makes Going To A Dentist An Enjoyable Experience

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Regardless of your your busy schedule or other commitments,  when your teeth pain, you HAVE to drop everything else and rush to the dentist. That is never a pleasant experience and while I am extremely particular about my kids’ dental hygiene and make sure that I take them for their regular check ups, I avoid my own visits till the pain gets unbearable.

Last month, when one of my cavities was making life miserable for me, I called up my dentist for an appointment only to be told he was travelling. I remembered seeing the Apollo White Dental Spa on my way to son’s school and the letters S P A tempted me to take an appointment there. How could I resist a spa; even if it’s a dental one?


About Apollo White Dental Spa
“Apollo WHITE Dental the largest dental chain in India with over 90 centers in 17 cities. Their aim is to bring world class dental care to every city within one’s reach. Each of the centres of Apollo White Dental is unique in terms of the best of ambience, best of hi end technologies and world class treatments. The largest dental chain “Apollo WHITE Dental” is awarded for “Excellence Patient Service, Best Dental Hospital, Best Clinic Interiors” by esteemed certifying bodies. At Apollo WHITE Dental we constantly strive to spread awareness. We conduct 1) Dental camps at schools, corporate, residential apartments and commercial complex 2) Live One – One Chat with our specialist through social media 3) 24/7 Live Chat with our specialist through our website “www.apollowhitedental.com”.”


As you enter the “clinic” you would be forgiven for thinking that you are entering a spa. The calm, peaceful ambiance is just like what you’d experience in the lobby of a spa. Except that this is more brightly lit as compared to the muted lighting in a spa. No cramped waiting areas with simple furniture, you have plush sofas instead. Tye front desk staff put you at ease asking you if you’d like a tea or coffee; definitely not something you experience at your friendly family dentist.

Patients have the option of relaxing in the massage chair prior to or post their treatment. They can also opt for a manicure or a pedicure.  The logic behind this is that people have a fear of dentists. If they are made to relax in a pleasurable way, then the treatment goes faster and smoother.


I was already patting myself on my back for having decided to come here when I met my doctor, Dr. Vidhi. What a cheerful doctor! I felt sure I was in good hands. She showed me the treatment room and the X-ray room where they have the high-tech X-Ray machine that can take a full mouth X-Ray. When I mentioned that I would have to bring my sons here, she showed me the adorable pediatric room with a dinosaur mural, dinosaur shaped chair and a little TV to keep the kids’ mind diverted while their teeth are being worked on!



The treatment rooms for adults are equally well done up. None of the sterile, boring decor, the rooms here are bright and cheerful with splashes of colour on the chair and the wall. All the equipment is absolutely the latest technology as well.


I was right about Dr. Vidhi too! Not only was she extremely gentle while cleaning and filling the cavities, she was surprisingly quick too! She did my teeth cleaning and filled three cavities all in just one hour! And like I mentioned, very gently too!

For special treatments such as root canals and implants, Apollo White Dental Spa calls in consultant; specialists in that particular field, so that you are always in the most capable hands.

I am really glad that I decided to go to Apollo White Dental Spa. It is also near younger son’s school so it is very convenient for me too!  Finally,  I don’t dread going to the dentist. Rather, I look forward to it….And the mani and pedi. If you haven’t been to the Apollo White Dental Spa,  do go there the next time you need to visit a dentist.

7 Replies to “Apollo White Dental Spa Makes Going To A Dentist An Enjoyable Experience”

  1. I too have been wanting to try the Apollo White Dental Spa for a long time… Can you share the charges for cleaning/filling and manicure/pedicure?

    1. Archana, cavity fillings start from ₹1000 while scaling and polishing is approximately ₹1500. Of course it also depends on the size and depth of the cavities and the kind of stains on the teeth. My regular dentist charges 1200-1500 per cavity so I would rather go to Apollo. Mani or pedi is complimentary 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info. Prices seem reasonable. Will go there once…

        1. Glad to help Archana 🙂

  2. That’s such a wonderful experience…unlike boring waiting rooms with endless waits for seeing doctor..an option of little relaxation is awesome! I love the decor . Especially when going with kids, These little things will keep them busy. Glad to know that now, the dental issues are fine…

    1. Absolutely agree Renji. Kids would actually look forward to going to the dentist when the place is so cutely don’t up. They should have a yearly family package though 😉

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