Giveaway Alert! Win A Hamper From Gia Bath and Body Works

I love the luxurious,  cruelty-free products that Gayatri,  the lady behind Gia Bath and Body Works,  makes. Recently,  I was talking to her while placing an order for some shower gels and body butters and I happened to mention that Indian Shringar was turning 3. Gayatri generously offered to sponsor a giveaway to celebrate Indian Shringar’s third birthday and so, here it is,  a giveaway where one of you can win a gift hamper filled with delectable creations from Gia Bath and Body Works!


The contents of the hamper are a surprise since Gayatri said she was working on some new products at the time. But my favourites,  Daisy and Oceanus will definitely be a part of the hamper! Since it is the blog’s third birthday, the hamper will have products worth ₹3,000! Excited???

I have already written about Daisy in an earlier post and will review the Oceanus in detail soon. However,  let me just say that Oceanus smells AWESOME!  I feel it smells like Bvlgari Aqua but hubby says it smells more like his new limited edition Davidoff Cool Water Summer Seas. Whatever it is, it smells great and hubby and sons both love bathing with it.

Anyway, coming back to the giveaway,  the rules are simple; the giveaway is on for two weeks and is open to Indian residents only. Please ensure that you follow all the mandatory steps. The winner will be randomly chosen from among all qualifying entries and will have to email me their contact details within 24 hours. If the winner doesn’t contact me within that time, then another one will be chosen. Reposting the image on Instagram will get you additional entries; it does not mean that the person who reposts the most or gets the most number of likes wins! (this issue came up during an earlier giveaway so just thought I’d clarify it here.)

So, what are you waiting for? Best of luck 🙂

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33 Replies to “Giveaway Alert! Win A Hamper From Gia Bath and Body Works”

  1. Yaaay! It’s results time. Super excited. 😀 <3

  2. Hi! To be very honest I haven’t tried any product from Gia BBW. I would love to try their beautiful cupcake soaps!

  3. Very Excited for this giveaway…fingers crossed…just 24 hrs left??..
    Let’s see if I m lucky enough.

  4. Yaaay!
    Countdown begins 😀
    Just 2 more days to go.
    Very excited! 😀
    Hope i get lucky this time <3

  5. I would like to try the Coffee Facial Cleanser as I love the smell of fresh coffee and also it has anti-aging benefits for skin.

  6. Sujata Bansod says: Reply

    Hi dollie, N Gayatri

    wishing u good luck for ur third anniversary,………. Hope u go ahead n have cool journy 🙂 I love n anxious to use gias’ product n shine my body for d forthcoming festive season 😀 as I m follower of ur gia on instagram too n played a giveaway over there but didnt succeed but Now I m optimistic this time team

    Than you >>>>>>>>>> Xoxossss 🙂

  7. Jayanthi Parthasarathy says: Reply

    I’m eager to try Gia’s

    1. Cocoa Body Butter
    2. Whipped Body Butter
    3. Papaya Body Butter Crème

    I’ve heard a lot abt this brand.
    It would be great if I win this.I’d get ottry some wonderful organic products & see if they live up to their reputation

  8. Congratulations for the third anniversary Dollie!!
    This is an amazing giveaway and special thanks to Gayatri.

    I have read many reviews about Gia products and seen a highly recommended note. So, I would love to use Papaya Facial Cleanser as it is suitable for all type of skin and I have faith on this product which will lighten my dark acne spots from the face.


  9. Wowwwwww congratulations ? for the award . It’s an awesome giveaway ? ?. All the best for all the participants. Really it made me happy if I win this.

  10. Aakshi Kashyap says: Reply

    Absolutely loving all the vegan products from Gia bath works. I would love to try the Ivy- Coco Channel & Oceanus bathing bar <3

    Followed all the Rules !! Wish to win

  11. Hello Dear

    Congratulations for the third anniversary Dollie!!
    This is an amazing giveaway and special thanks to Gayatri.

    I have read many reviews about Gia products and seen a highly recommended note. So, I would love to use Papaya Facial Cleanser as it is suitable for all type of skin and I have faith on this product which will lighten my dark acne spots from the face.


  12. Priyanka Tanwar says: Reply

    I have heard a lot about Gia Bath and Both works ..but never got an oppourtunity to try them..I am a big fan of shower gels and body washes so woukld like to try them from their collection..Thank you for organising this lovely giveaway ..

  13. I haven’t tried Gia Bath and Body works products so far but I have heard lot of good things about this brand. I would love to try their soap, masks and scrub. 🙂

  14. Vaishnavi says: Reply

    Hey first of all congratulations on winning the best blogger award…. I love gia bath and body works products as they are less chemical products… I eagerly awaiting try their cupcake soaps…. Wish to try them…

  15. Hai, its me suzanna.. I love to use body washh.. I always use soap for my body .. this time for a change I would like to win tthese all and use them.. wowww wish to get lucky 🙂

  16. Ankita agarwal says: Reply

    Hello dear…
    first of all thanks for the awsm contest… i have heard a lot about products from gia bath and body works.. but have never used them.. so i desperately wish to win dis hamper…
    coming to giveaway.. m done with all the rules…
    now coming to ur ques…
    i wanna try ROSE CLAY MASK… coz rose is my fav… nd by name itself this product looks so tempting…:)

  17. Shweta Murarka says: Reply

    Hello Dollie.Firstly Congratulations for the award. And thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway with Gia bath n bodyworks.

    I would actualy love to try each and every product of Gia’s but the most unique one that i love is the cupcake soap. Its visually attractive and ofcourse it will be awesomely fragrant.How quirky it would be for someone to spot a cupcake in my bathroom….hahaha…

  18. I have never tried Gia bath and body works products so far. But I have heard a lot about this brand and would love to try out their soaps, scrub and face masks. 🙂

  19. I have been using products from GBABW and I like almost all her products but my favourite has to be her papaya facial scrub.

  20. I’m a loyal fan of Gia bath and body works. Thanks for the giveaway and all the best to all participants! I love love love her products and can’t really use any other skincare now.

  21. Simar Chugh says: Reply

    Thank you soo much for this amazing giveaway. My favourite product from ‎Gia Bath and Body Works is – Chocolate Hydrating Mask bcoz it adds a glow to your face .Moisturises skin and is rich in antioxidants
    Helps fight ageing .Promotes collagen production for tighter skin and it also prevents blemishes

  22. Bhuvaneshwari says: Reply

    I fell head over heels on their chocolate creme bar. Strawberry cream soap is awesome. Have ordered oceanus and subscription box. Enjoyed frappe body wash…

  23. I’m most excited to try the Cucumber Melon Cold Process Soap because it is preservative / paraben free. I love natural fragrant products.

  24. Divya Asha says: Reply

    I’m very eager to try the Cupcake soap in sweet sin from Gia bath & body works.

  25. I am so in love with Gia bath and body works products. They are affordable as compared to other brands and smell heavenly and they even look so attractive. Thank you so much Dollie for giving this opportunity. Well, the product I love is the cupcake soap in strawberry creme and I am so eager to try their products.


  26. Amazing giveaway!! Thanku soo much to make it happen…… I would love to have shower gel. I really wanna try their shower gel.

  27. I would like to try the Strawberry Whipped Creme Body Polish as I love strawberry based products and fragrances. Strawberries are very good for exfoliation and the whipped cream texture would provide adequate moisturization making skin baby soft and smooth.

  28. I am very eager to try the cupcakes soaps from Gia bath and body works. ?☺

  29. Shruti mathew1 says: Reply

    I am one among the most regular and active reader of your blog….And many many happy returns for turning 3 of your blog mam…ya so excited 4 the giveaway. …Fingers crossed. ….And God bless you Mam for being such a nice and sweet. ..

  30. I had ordered gia bath cupcake soaps for my niece and she loves it.I am yet to try her creations so i would love to win these goodies for me .Thank you for the chance.

  31. rashmi saini says: Reply

    Wow! Thankuu beautiful for this giveaway. Love your blog and reviews. And Gia’s products are just love. I love their cupcake soaps soo much and wanna try the oceanus body wash. ??

  32. Bina Parmar says: Reply

    Hello Mam!! first of all congratulations for winning “Best Beauty And Skin Blog” award.. lovely giveaway dis is..never won wid you..hope to get lucky dis time!!! following you since long!! XoXo

  33. Nishtha Singh says: Reply

    I love their cupcake soaps..they look soo adorable and smells awesome…

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